Lessons on the way of numbness is a genre that many brothers participate in today. This game is known for its beautiful interface and extremely entertaining. Moreover, the game is also very easy to participate in. However, you need to pocket for yourself some playing experience to easily bring victory. In this article together 12betviet learn about card game how to name Very interesting below!

What is the card game How to Numb 6 cards?

Catte Just like game genres Song of Lieng, game fishing post bài use a deck of 52 cards. At the same time, the value of each card will depend on the number on the card as well as the suit of that card. Accordingly, at the beginning of the game, each participant will be dealt 6 cards. Usually, each table will have from 2 to 6 people.

If other card games mainly rely on luck to get the desired results denominations Use more intelligence. Participants need to use all their abilities and intelligence to win the final victory. Therefore, this is one of the attractions of Catte with many gamers today.

What is the way of 6 Cards?  Learn how to play the basic 6 card Catte

Catte Cards Like other card games, they all use a 52-card deck

Basic terms in the 6-card Catte

Before joining any game, you need to understand some basic terms. That’s how easy it is to win. For Post Names also. Here are the concepts you can’t ignore:

  • Card: It is understood that the cards are face down. Usually these are small cards of a different suit or cards of the same suit that are worth less than the cards your opponent has dealt in the first 4 rounds.
  • Tung: This term is used to refer to the largest cards dealt each round.
  • Die Tung: It is understood that the participant will face all 4 cards in the first 4 rounds.
  • Thang Tung: The term is used to refer to someone who comes out to make everyone at the table die.
  • White Win: The player wins white if he has some special cards in his hand like 6 identical leaves, 5 leaves less than 6 nice Four Quarters.
  • Display: Rounds 5 and 6 are for determining winners and losers for players who have Tung in the first 4 rounds.
What is the way of 6 Cards?  Learn how to play the basic 6 card Catte

Master the terminology in Catte to win easily

Here are some commonly used terms in playing cards 6 cards numb way. You need to understand if you want to participate and achieve the highest efficiency. This will also help you no longer feel confused when encountering these concepts throughout the game.

How to play the most complete 6-card Numbness card

In gambling for real money online how to numb 6 leaves In this case, each table will have at least 2 players and a maximum of 6 people. That’s enough to get started. The game uses a deck of 52 cards. Therefore, it also regulates the cards according to each suit of the deck. Here’s how to play catte The most complete, you can refer!

1/ Rules of playing cards

One of the attractions of lessons The rules of the game are quite simple. Therefore, even if you are a newbie, you can still join easily.

Accordingly, before starting, each person will bet 1 time. After that, they will be dealt 6 cards each and proceed to play in 6 rounds. At the end of 6 rounds, the winner gets everyone’s stake.

In the first 4 rounds, the participant will take turns his or her cards by either catching or face-down. Whoever wins the first round will be entitled to the next round. However, if starting a new round, the system will automatically select the person to start the table.

In case you are awarded an instant win if you have a card that belongs to the following situations:

  • The article has four quarters
  • Possessing 6 cards of the same suit: muscle, checkered, shrimp, spade
  • All cards are worth less than 6 (cards 2, 3, 4, 5)

If there is more than 1 white winner, the final winner will be determined by value. Whoever’s hand is stronger will win in the end. As follows:

  • Cards with four quarters will be considered in the following order: Quartet > 6 cards of the same suit > 6 cards less than 6
  • The card has a larger quarter. For example, the person with the 8th quarter will win the person with the 7th quarter.
  • 6 cards of the same suit are considered the largest card, whoever has the highest card is the winner
What is the way of 6 Cards?  Learn how to play the basic 6 card Catte

The rules of playing cards are quite simple

2/ The process of playing a game of Cach Te

In the game of numbness, the process of playing a game is also quite simple. Accordingly, the person selected to start the table will play 1 card. The next person to hit is counted anti-clockwise from the first player. This player will have 2 options: play 1 card of the same suit that has a greater value than the first player’s card or face any card on the table.

The round is determined to be over when all participants have played or raised cards. Whoever plays the highest value card of the round will keep that card for work Tung and will start the next round. At the end of 4 rounds there will be the following results:

  • Whoever does not have Tung means that he does not hold any cards will lose and have to stop the game.
  • In case there is only 1 person holding Tung, it will be counted as winning immediately, and the game will end.
  • If more than one player holds a hand, they will continue to play round 5 and the same as round 4.
What is the way of 6 Cards?  Learn how to play the basic 6 card Catte

The process of a game of numbing consists of 6 rounds

In round 5, everyone with Tung will throw all their cards, the winner of round 4 will display cards. At the same time, the calculation will be the same as the previous round.

Round 6, everyone will take out their last card. Accordingly, the calculation of Tung will be exactly the same as the previous rounds. Whoever has the highest card wins the end of the game.

The experience of playing Numbness for newbies

With Catte To be able to play well and easily win like the masters requires you to know the rules. At the same time, you have to pocket some experience as well as a smart way to play. However, this is not easy to achieve in a short time but requires you to accumulate, observe and combine different methods from previous players.

Here are some extremely effective playing experiences from the players from 12bet that you can apply to achieve the highest efficiency as you want when playing. lessons Please!

1/ The song must have Tung

One of the experiences when playing Catte That is definitely a must have Tung. If not, you will definitely lose. In the case of Tung, get Trung in round 4. At the same time, pay attention to keep the biggest card and Trung. Note that you should choose the cards with the greatest value to play for round 1 and round 2.

2/ Play a medium card or a small card

This is a very effective strategy that the players from 12bet recommend you apply to be effective when playing Catte. However, when using this strategy, you should play medium cards, small cards and keep the big cards for display in rounds 5 and 6.

=> Note: In case you play the J piece and the Card opponent, the possibility that they have no chance is very high. This is an opportunity for you to continue to beat your opponent and improve your ability to win.

What is the way of 6 Cards?  Learn how to play the basic 6 card Catte

Should play medium cards or small cards

3/ Note in the Showcase and get the article

If you have a Show, you should choose the cards with the greatest value. However, pay attention to observe to be able to review and choose the most suitable cards. At the same time, find out which moves have been played before and place them on the table to limit the situation of being kicked by opponents.


Lessons on how to name 6 cards is a game that you love and choose a lot today. The above article has provided you with some information about this game genre. Hope you have pocketed useful knowledge when participating. Wish you satisfy your passion as well as get extremely attractive prizes!

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