Jackpot This is a very popular game genre today at famous casinos. Jackpot is also developing in the form of online and is well received by many people. One of the attractions of this game is the huge rewards. So What is Jackpot? And how to play? The information from the article below that 12bet provided to you will definitely help you answer any questions about it!

What is Jackpot?

Jackpot is a game with huge prizes. This form is the same as Lottery Keno Vietlott Because the participant, if he loses, the bonus will be added to the total value. And this amount will be accumulated until someone wins. At the same time, they will receive the full amount of the winnings that the previous players lost.

Jackpot is very commonly used in the world. There are many countries, the prize can be up to millions of dollars, even larger. This also makes many people want to win a Jackpot once to change their life. Not only that, Jackpot still attracts a large number of participants today. Online Jackpot form is also storming the market of online games.

What is Jackpot? Instructions to play Jackpot to earn billions at 12bet

Jackpot is a game with huge prizes.

Jackpot online has a very diverse form to serve the best needs of you. You can choose topics that are right for you such as: nature, fruit, pirates or racing, etc. However, the principle of operation and the way to play have not changed. If you already have the basic knowledge about this form, you will definitely win easily when participating. At this point, you certainly have the answer to your question What is Jackpot? then right?

The most common types of Jackpot

Jackpot is no stranger to online game lovers. This form appears in most of the bookies that bring a high win rate to players. Currently, there are 4 types of Jackpot most often encountered when playing, namely: Local Jackpot, Network Jackpot, Fixed Jackpot and Regressive Jackpot. Please see below for a more detailed explanation of each type of Jackpot!

1/ Local jackpot

Local jackpot is a form of Jackpot that is accumulated according to the stakes of participants in a particular casino. This category is like a regional lottery, only people in that region can buy tickets. Logically, the winner should be the local people.

As for the Local jackpot, the casino will bring this game to the participants. However, the bonus amount is built from the bets of the brothers playing at those casinos. Therefore, the type of jackpot also has a smaller scope than Jackpot Network.

What is Jackpot? Instructions to play Jackpot to earn billions at 12bet

Local jackpot is like regional lottery xổ

2/ Network Jackpot

Network Jackpot is also known as Network Jackpot because this genre is formed from the bets of all brothers participating in playing online at casinos that have this tournament. One of the biggest Network Jackpot tournaments in the world today is the NetEnt Hall of Gods.

To best visualize, the form of a network jackpot is like a country’s lottery. Accordingly, all players from all over the world will come together to contribute to a final prize. And only one person will receive that award.

Therefore, the network jackpot is one of the forms of the TOP biggest prize because there are many people responding and participating. Almost all games have Network Jackpot prizes such as: slot games, winning scratch cards or board games, etc.

3/ Fixed Jackpot

Fixed Jackpot is the only form of Jackpot with no volatility. When participating, you will bring yourself a certain amount of bonuses. At the same time, the prize of Fixed Jackpot will be integrated into the games. Therefore, if you want to find a form of play with little variation and fixed bonus, you should not ignore Fixed Jackpot.

4/ Regressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot is an extremely attractive type of jackpot. For those who like to get rich quick, this is definitely a form not to be missed. Progressive jackpot is considered progressive jackpot. Accordingly, the prize will be increased gradually each time the player bets.

Therefore, with each time you participate in the jackpot slot, the amount of bets deposited will be added to the prize. Moreover, this form is also very popular today, every day thousands of people participate. This helps to increase the amount of the bonus rapidly. However, the ability to win your brother’s prize is not easy. In return, you will definitely have moments of comfort and be rewarded when you win.

How to play Jackpot at 12bet to make money fast

Jackpot is a very popular form today in online bookies. At 12bet, you will have extremely interesting experiences. With the simple play below, you will earn a very fast money through the house 12bet. Don’t miss it!

Step 1: Sign up for 12bet

If you are a beginner in online games, your job is to have an account to log in to the system. You just need to access the link on the official website of the 12bet house.

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At the same time, this link will go to the account registration window. After that, please fill in the information requested by the dealer. Please be sure to update all items marked with *. This will help you deal with the unfortunate problems that occur. Finally, you choose “To send” to complete the operation.

What is Jackpot? Instructions to play Jackpot to earn billions at 12bet

Sign up for an account 12bet

If you already have an account at the house 12bet, you just need to select the “login” section in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, the system will send you a message asking you to fill in the login information and password. Finally, you click on “login” to finish. However, always remember to connect your device to a stable network source to not be interrupted during the game!

Step 2: Deposit & choose game

Certainly in order to make a profit from online games, you need to invest. And the next step is to deposit money into the account. Most online bookmakers today have a minimum bet of 100,000 VND.

To top up the card, you need to register a bank account to transfer to the account at the provided 12bet house. At the same time, there are many ways for you to do it such as top up via bank, ATM or internet Banking. However, in order to avoid mistakes or loss of money, players can contact the counselors for support.

After you have a certain amount of money in your account, you can start to experience the extremely interesting games of 12bet camp. Including Jackpot. To choose a game, at the official home page of 12bet, you select the “PLAYTECH”, then click on the “SLOT GAME“.

Then, you look at the left hand side of the screen will display different playing items. You find and click on “JACKPOT”. Note the Jackpot prize running at the top of the screen to keep an eye on it!

What is Jackpot? Instructions to play Jackpot to earn billions at 12bet

Choose the game to join

Step 3: Bet & withdraw winnings

Once you have selected the game you want to participate in, you proceed to bet the desired amount. Please note the observation with the prize to be able to compare! In the end, you just need to wait to know the winning – losing results.

What is Jackpot? Instructions to play Jackpot to earn billions at 12bet

Place bets and wait for the results

After completing the procedures, you can enjoy interesting games and wait for the results. If you win, you will make a withdrawal at the bank. At the 12bet house, this process is quick and convenient. However, to limit the errors that may be encountered, you should call the switchboard for the most specific advice.


Jackpot bring players extremely interesting experiences and great prizes. Now, you can join at the top 12bet house with very simple steps. The above article has provided you with some information about what Jackpot is as well as the most detailed instructions on how to play at 12bet. Hope you have pocketed useful knowledge and get rich quickly from this form!

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