Scott Dawley hit 65 strokes through 18 holes in 42 minutes and 15 seconds, one minute and 45 seconds faster than the fastest round in the world records.

Dawley had to run 5.6 meters over 18 holes to set the record for fastest round of golf.

Dawley had to run 5.6 meters over 18 holes to set the record for fastest round of golf.

Follow on September 8, Dawley broke Guinness, speed golf category – on the same day of September 5 when Joaquin Niemann finished the final round of the PGA Tour Tour Championship in 1 hour 53 minutes – a record time to finish the professional round. in the history of the East Lake host ground.

Meanwhile, Guinness recorded Christopher Smith hit 65 strokes through 18 holes in 44 minutes at Jackson Park in Chicago in 2005. The Guinness World Records organization was not present at the “scene” – Horton Smith Stadium, Missouri to recognize it. Dawley’s achievements.

This round of golf is part of the first stage of the “American Speed ​​Golf Championship” through 36 holes on a course of 6,122 yards, of which Dawley carries only five trees, including a specialized driver, hybrid (integrated with wooden and iron features), 8 iron, close range wedge and putter. He finished the round with a one-handed putt:

Dawley finished the round with a one-handed putt

After closing the hole, Lawson shouted excitedly, stripped off his gloves and shirt and threw it to the ground. Calculated, he just walked and ran nearly 5.6 km of bumpy terrain.

“I’m still lethargic. Hopefully this round of golf will help change the pace of golf today,” Dawley said on Instagram.

The “speed golf” round is calculated as the number of shots plus the time it takes to complete 18 holes. Tournament Organizing Committee – Speedgolf USA – confirmed Lawson broke the record set by Australian player Mitch Williamson in 2016 at Yarra Bend, Melbourne – 77 strokes in 31 minutes and 56 seconds.

At the “sprint” golf tournament in Missouri, Lawson finished his second game with 77 strokes in 45 minutes. He finished second, receiving $ 800 and the championship belonged to Jason Hawkins through two rounds of 72 strokes, 38 minutes – 73 strokes, 39 minutes.

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