12bet Promotion very interested you have to participate

12Bet promotion promises to bring you extremely valuable rewards when participating at this dealer. Just having an account, you will surely receive many attractive rewards. This is also one of the factors that helps this house be chosen by many brothers today. The following article will summarize for you certain 12bet promotions you must not miss!

12bet promotion synthesis extremely attractive

12bet is one of the bookmakers that has received the enthusiastic support of many online betting brothers around the world. One of the reasons is so many attractive promotions. You can update and refer to below!

1 / Bonus 12Bet promotion to welcome new members

Like many other bookmakers, 12bet has launched a deposit promotion to welcome new members. However, this dealer is very bold to bring joy and excitement to the new brothers. This is also one of the factors that helps the 12bet bookmaker attract a large number of players. There are many different programs such as:

+ 100% with the value of the loaded card

First, you can participate in 12bet promotions worth 100% when you first join and deposit up to VND 800,000. Accordingly, the requirement of this program is that you need to place 15 times wagering on specified sports.

+ 68% promotion

In addition, brothers and sisters will also be entitled to 68% incentives. The condition to claim this promotion is that you need to place bets 15 times.

+ 35% promotion

Besides, brothers can also choose to receive 35% maximum for their deposit time of 6,688 million VND. However, the condition to enjoy this offer is that you need to wager 10 times.

For those who are just starting out in this class, you can choose one of the 3 types of promotion above. After that, you have already started to exercise your passion!

However, for longtime participants, the promotion gets 68% and 35% giving them confidence when choosing. This will also be an initial amount of capital for players to start participating in extremely attractive experiences at the 12bet house.

+ Promotion 88% bonus to welcome BTI sports

Bonus 88% welcome bonus BTI sports is considered an extremely attractive program. Accordingly, the participants will receive 88% of the welcome bonus amount up to VND 3,000,000. Furthermore, unlimited refunds on BTI sports products is 1%.

To receive this offer, the participants must go through 3 basic steps: deposit 12bet  => enter “Get bonus” to join, finally receive the bonus upon successful deposit. At the same time, each member will enjoy this promotion only 1 time.

+ 50% bonus on virtual sports welcome

After 12bet registration successfully and you want to participate in virtual sports games, you will receive a promotion of up to 50%. In addition, each participant can only enjoy the offer once

+ Welcome 100% Bonus Im EsPorts

When you join 12bet, you will receive a lot of promotions on all products and services that this bookmaker sells. For Im EsPorts, you will also enjoy great deals up to 100% when recharging and entertainment

2 / Promotion of weekly deposit

12bet Promotion very interested you have to participate

Weekly deposit promotion is also one of the programs at 12bet that are waiting for many people. Accordingly, you will enjoy the bonus amount at any time when you deposit your card.

In addition, brothers can also participate in the 12bet promotion with 50% bonus. With the aim of bringing the best experiences to longtime members of the dealer, this offer is a meaningful gift of gratitude that you cannot ignore.

+ Discount 40% bonus on top up through 12Bet Apps

Not only directly from the services you participate, 12bet also encourages top-up through 12Bet Apps. Accordingly, this program is only applicable to participants through the apps provided by the bookmaker. Players will proceed to download to the phone or computer and then load the card through the application. At the same time, each member can only receive the offer once only through 12bet apps.

+ Discount 30% mobile recharge

This is one of the policies to encourage players to join the 12bet bookie. Accordingly, you can receive up to 30% discount if you top up through the mobile version. Each player can only participate in the offer once.

3 / 12bet unlimited refund promotion

12bet Promotion very interested you have to participate

Right now, the unlimited refund 12bet promotion attracts the most hunters. Accordingly, when participating in the match whether it is a win or a loss, you will also receive a refund.

Besides, this promotion is applicable to a lot of different games. Furthermore, the refund amount can be up to 0.6% without limitation. It can be said that this is one of the extremely attractive and wonderful programs that the 12bet house wants to give you.

This is also considered a special favor for those participating in the Vietnamese market. At the same time, it shows the ambition of the 12bet bookmaker in terms of expanding its scope to the whole world.

4 / VIP rewards every week

This 12bet promotion is only for those who hold Huyen Vu rank. Also, this offer has no term limit and is divided into 3 different levels. As follows:

If the participant has less than 36,000,000 VND deposited into their account last week, he / she will receive 12% of the next deposit. Thus, the maximum amount of bonus that was received is 1,200,000 VND.

If player has a total deposit from last week from 36,000,000 – less than 78,000,000 VND, player will enjoy the deposit value from 12 to 15% at the next time. At the same time the maximum amount of money a brother can receive is from 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 VND.

If the participant has a total deposit of over 78,000,000 VND last week, he / she will enjoy a promotion from 12 to 18% of the value of the next deposit. The maximum amount that you can receive is from 1,200,000 VND to 1,800,000 VND.

Steps to register to receive promotions at the 12bet dealer

To receive 12bet promotions, you just need to follow 3 very simple steps. As follows:

Step 1: Register or sign in to your account

For any game, you need to have an account registered at the dealer. However, if you are a newcomer, you need to know the link about 12bet’s promotional information at:

Link 12bet registration receive 188% first time deposit

Link 1Link 2Link 3

In case you have an account above at the dealer, you can only access the official home page of the dealer. Then, click on “login” at the top right corner of the screen. Now, you can start to experience it!

Step 2: Choose promotion

After accessing the 12bet dealer homepage. You click on the promotion item on the toolbar. A screen with lots of promotions appears for you to choose from.

You go through the offers and choose the right promotion for you. Next, you should carefully read the terms and conditions to fully meet the house’s requirements and participate. In addition, players also need to read the promotion deadline so as not to miss out on these promotions!

Step 3: Get rewarded 

Once you have read and understood all the promotions of the 12bet dealer, you just need to click on “details” to check and “get bonus now” to enjoy the offer. Note, you should fully follow the instructions that 12bet instructs to get the most attractive bonus!

Some note when enjoying promotions at the 12bet house

When receiving 12bet promotions, brothers need to pay attention to a number of different information. Here are some of the general rules that the bookie offers for the participants:

  • Promotions are only valid for members who use a single account at the 12bet dealer.
  • Participants receive only 1 bonus at the same time as their account.
  • The deposit plus the bonus amount requires 16 or more wagering at 12bet. This is also an eligible condition to withdraw and receive bonuses in other promotions.
  • In the event of any voided or canceled bets, no revenue will be credited to player accounts.
  • Wager turnover is not calculated for such forms as: Number Game, eSports, Keno, Casino.
  • Turnover wagering must be completed within 30 days. Otherwise the bonus amount will be voided and canceled.
  • Before accepting the reward, please carefully read the specific and different terms and conditions.


12bet is one of the top bookmakers in the betting market today. This is the address that attracts a large number of participants not only by a variety of products but also by extremely attractive promotions. With the desire to bring players top perfect services, 12bet constantly strives to develop in all aspects.

The above article has provided you with some of the most detailed 12bet promotion information. Hope you have pocketed yourself useful knowledge about these offers. Now, you can visit and start participating to receive extremely attractive and attractive rewards from the top 12bet dealer!