AmericaOn September 5, Joaquin Niemann closed the Tour Championship with the fastest match at the East Lake host ground – 18 holes in 1 hour and 53 minutes.

In the final round, Niemann fought alone because his expected teammate – Brooks Koepka dropped out after 12 holes in the penultimate stage because of a wrist injury. Less than two hours later, Niemann entered the field to confirm his 72-stroke record on par70. Director Andy Pazder, in charge of PGA Tour tournaments awaits.

“Come over here. We need to talk. Listen, Joaquin. You’re a professional golfer, but you don’t respect this sport or the Tour Championship. You’ve been in this arena for a long time and you know you’re going to be fined $10,000, right?”, Pazder’s face was serious with a round of reprimands to Niemann. “Oh, I’m kidding,” he laughed after a moment of anger to tease the Chilean golfer.

Niemann and his caddy returned to the support team to run through the holes to shorten the game time.  Photo: Twitter / PGA Tour

Niemann and his caddy returned to the support team to run through the holes to shorten the game time. Photo: Twitter / PGA Tour

With yesterday’s sprint golf, Niemann was five minutes faster than the 18-hole East Lake record set by Kevin Na at the 2016 Tour Championship. Back then, Na also played alone.

This time, Niemann originally wanted to finish the last match quickly. To help the “little boss” and himself while on the move, caddy Gary Matthews removed most of the accessories to make the bag lighter. “Last game, Joaquin had three balls, and there were nine normally. He only wore one glove, five tees, no rain umbrellas and other little things that are often used in combat,” Matthews said. told in an amused voice.

On the 10th hole, Niemann had the intention to break Na’s record, after finishing the first half in 60 minutes with a round score of +2 – double bogey on hole 8. “I was frantic in the latter part, but the result was fine”, Niemann statement on Golf Channel.

Niemann “break even” in the second half of East Lake – birdie on hole 15 and bogey on hole 16.

Nieman's Super Speed ​​Golf

Niemann’s Super Speed ​​Golf.

With a score of +4 in the final Tour Championship, including the -1 advantage, the Chilean golfer born in 1998 finished 29th in the FedEx Cup, one level above Koepka. Niemann received 405,000 USD, 10,000 USD more than his American elder.

Niemann has been playing professionally since 2018, with just one championship but nearly $9.5 million in prize money across 92 events in three seasons of the PGA Tour.

Wesley Bryan owns the fastest PGA Tour round – 1 hour and 29 minutes at the 2017 BMW Championship, but the governing organization has not yet recognized this record.

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