AmericaThe referee team controversially used the 10-second rule to decide that the European team lost the 13th hole on September 4 – the opening day of the 2021 Solheim Cup hosted by the US at Inverness Stadium in Toledo, Ohio.

The problem occurred in the home match Nelly Korda-Ally Ewing played fourball with Madelene Sagstrom-Nanna Koerstz Madsen.

At hole 13, Madsen closed the birdie, while Korda had an eagle chance. After Korda’s putt, the ball circled the right rim of the hole and settled close to the target’s mouth. Sagstrom quickly picked it up and threw it back to Korda, then bent over regretfully.

Nelly Korda hits the ball a few centimeters from the crater

Sagstrom picks up the ball after Korda’s hit.

According to the custom of hole play, it is the act of accepting the opponent to finish the hole on the next shot. And so, the two sides drew the hole at the birdie point.

But the arbitration team did not approve, after receiving comments from the referee watching the situation via television. This person informed field colleague Missy Jones. They considered Korda’s ball “hanging the rim”, and according to the law it takes 10 seconds to determine the result of the putt.

After dissecting the tape, the law department concluded that Sagstrom broke the law, did not penalize, but recognized the US team to win the 13th hole with an eagle. This result gives the hosts a 1 Up lead. They maintained the advantage until the end of the game, thereby winning a point.

“Where did the ball go? It didn’t hang on the rim. Do we have a TV to watch,” Sagstrom argued with referee Jones. She competed professionally for six years, winning an LPGA Tour title. Europe captain Catriona Matthew also complained. They are eligible, but cannot redeem the 13th hole result.

“Rule 13.3b stipulates that the player is deemed to have ended the hole with his previous stroke if the opponent lifts or moves the ball before the end of the 10-second wait. The violator is not penalized in this case. On hole 13, the whole team Both the referee and the field supervisors and the monitors agreed that Korda’s ball hung on the rim after the third shot and was lifted by the opponent before the timeout was up. “, the text from the LPGA Tour – the Solheim Cup co-organizer – explains.

“Even though I don’t follow the 10-second rule, I don’t agree with the referee’s decision. I always believe in the integrity of golf and never pick up a ball that can still go into the hole. It feels bad to be the home team. lost,” Sagstrom said at the end of the match.

Sagstrom and his playmate Nanna Koerstz Madsen (left) argued with the referee after a controversial situation in the 13th hole in the first round of the Solheim Cup on September 4. Photo: Morning Read / SI

Sagstrom and his playmate Nanna Koerstz Madsen (left) argued with the referee after a controversial situation in the 13th hole in the first round of the Solheim Cup on September 4. Photo: Morning Read / SI

“It was awkward. I don’t think anyone wants to win that hole. We were talking on the way to the 14th hole when the referee Missy appeared and said he wanted to confirm the information of the hole first with the person inside. We also could not speak,” Korda – the world’s number one female golfer – said.

Both teams have to pause on the teeing ground of hole 14 to wait for the conclusion. Sagstrom said the two sides chatted intimately for 13 holes, but the rest was no longer comfortable.

The program for the first day of the Solheim Cup 2021 – the 17th including four foursomes and four fourballs, of which seven ended with a score of 1 up – competed for the last hole. One point for each win, 0.5 point for a draw. The away team is leading the home team with a score of 5.5-2.5.

The whole tournament consists of 28 matches, including 12 individual matches (single match), expected to end at dawn on September 7, Hanoi time.

In fourball hole play, each team consists of two players, each playing their own ball. The member’s best score at each hole will be the team’s score.

In a foursome, two players share a ball, taking turns hitting the ball until it hits the hole. If one player tees off on the odd-numbered hole, the other tees off on the even-numbered hole.

In terms of results, the pair or individual with the better score wins the hole and gets a 1up advantage. In the event of a tie, the score is even (all square – AS). The side with more ups than the number of holes left in the standard 18-hole round wins the match. The result is expressed by the number of ups in front, the number of holes left behind.

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