AmericaThe first two days of hospitalization in August, golfer Patrick Reed thought he had to say goodbye to his wife and children when doctors advised him to text his family.

“I had to fight for my own life. The doctor told me to talk to my family by phone or text because my illness was unpredictable at that time,” Reed shared at the end of the first round of the Tour Championship of the PGA Tour. September 2nd.

Reed was hospitalized on August 19 due to shortness of breath and was diagnosed with lobar pneumonia – an inflammatory condition that damages the lung parenchyma including the alveoli, alveolar sacs, alveolar ducts, connective tissue and bronchioles. ultimate management. If not treated promptly, the patient can die from cardiovascular collapse, pulmonary edema…

“At first my chest felt like it was smashed with bricks, then it was very difficult to breathe. It was like drowning in the air. It turned bad very quickly,” the 2018 Masters champion said. The first two days of admission, the doctor said Reed’s health was serious. Due to the epidemic, he was treated in isolation.

Reed in the first round of the Tour Championship on September 2. Photo: USA Today

Reed in the first round of the Tour Championship on September 2. Photo: USA Today

“I was alone in the hospital room. But before the bad news, I told myself only one thing, ‘I’m not going to text my kids goodbye, say goodbye or kiss my wife. I can’t say goodbye to my wife and children like that,'” Reed remembers. again.

Born in 1990, Reed has won nine PGA Tour championships, including the Masters, and is currently ranked 19th in the world. He is nicknamed “Captain America” ​​because of his great contribution to the home team winning the 2016 Ryder Cup and a series of three Presidents Cups since 2017.

Reed recuperates at home from 23/8. He received the Covid-19 vaccine about a month before he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and was discharged from the hospital with a negative nCoV test result.

Before his illness, Reed played seven tournaments in eight weeks, including going from the US to England for the major The Open, then back to Minnesota for the PGA Tour, then to Japan for the Olympics and back on the PGA Tour in Tennessee. The flight distance in this program is nearly 40,235 km.

Health problems forced Reed to drop out of the Northern Trust and the BMW Championship – two of the three key play-off events in the FedEx Cup competition – this PGA Tour full-season title. He did not return until early this week, starting with a six-hour training session under the supervision of a doctor. Then, Reed traveled from Houston to Atlanta for the Tour Championship in a 15-hour bus ride. He can’t fly yet because cabin pressure can damage his lungs again.

Due to closing the top 30 FedEx Cup after the BMW Championship, Reed entered the Tour Championship at even par while the biggest entry advantage belonged to Patrick Cantlay (point -10).

After the 72-stroke opening match on par70, Reed stood at T28 with a score of +2 – penultimate position with 30 players, 15 strokes from Cantlay.

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