AmericaOscar de la Hoya, the legend of middleweight boxing, dropped his intention to rematch Canelo Alvarez to find a way to fight Floyd Mayweather.

De la Hoya in a fight with Mayweather in 2007. Photo: AP

De la Hoya in a fight with Mayweather in 2007. Photo: AP

“I changed my mind. There was no particular reason, or fear of losing to Canelo Alvarez. I just thought it over, and wanted to have a rematch with Floyd Mayweather or Felix Trinidad,” the newspaper said. Sun quoted Oscar de la Hoya on September 3.

In 2007, Mayweather and De la Hoya were “high and low” in the WBC welterweight title match. De la Hoya attacked continuously in the first six rounds, but fell short when the opponent counterattacked in the last three rounds.

Mayweather was awarded the match by referee points after 12 rounds, and De la Hoya was furious with that verdict. This fight in the MGM Grand, Las Vegas ring in 2007 also holds the record as the most expensive boxing match of all time, before being overtaken by the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in 2015.

Round 12 De la Hoya vs Mayweather 2007

Round 12 De la Hoya vs Mayweather 2007

De la Hoya is preparing for a fight with former UFC champion Vitor Belfort on August 11. The showdown at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was counted as a professional match, after the California State Athletic Commission approved it.

“This isn’t a game. We don’t do boxing, we don’t fight UFC or MMA. I said that if we go back to the ring, we’ll have to fight professionally. But I can’t go into the ring to dance. , performable”, De La Hoya emphasized.

Belfort also has confident statements, although not competing in MMA like his forte. He said: “I fight a sport that De La Hoya is a master at. But I have trained boxing at a high level. My style is like a lion, and I will show it in the ring. , nothing changed”.

Oscar De La Hoya was once dubbed the “Golden Boy” after winning the 1992 Olympic gold medal in Barcelona. De La Hoya is also the first boxer to win the world championship in six different weight classes.

During his career, the American boxer won 39, with 30 being knockouts, and lost only six fights. De La Hoya retired after losing to Manny Pacquiao at the end of 2008, and switched to being a showman, with a company named after his nickname – Golden Boy Promotions. This company organizes many big fights for boxers like Ricky Hatton, Canelo Alvarez, Victor Oztiz, Pacquiao, Amir Khan…

De La Hoya’s next opponent – Belfort is considered a legend of the MMA village. Belfort has more than 25 years of playing professionally, being a UFC 12 heavyweight champion, former UFC welterweight champion, and Cage Rage. The 44-year-old Brazilian boxer signed with ONE Championship last year, but could not compete because of the epidemic.

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