The home team continued to trail Europe, at a score of 7-9 when finishing eight matches in the second day of the Solheim Cup women’s team golf tournament, on September 5.

The tournament took place at Inverness Stadium in Toledo, Ohio. The program includes 16 matches equally divided into foursome and fourball pitting formats in the first two days, 12 singles matches, starting late today, September 6, Hanoi time. One point for each win, 0.5 for a draw.

Yesterday, the US was two points behind the away team by winning four matches and drawing one. In particular, rookies Jennifer Kupcho, Yealimi Noh and Mina Harigae contributed greatly to winning points. Kupcho played both formats and took 1.5 points when paired with Lizette Salas, while Noh – Harigae took a point from fourball. Kupcho – Salas is unbeaten because of winning two and drawing one of the three matches from the beginning of the tournament.

Nelly Korda hugged rival Leona Maguire after losing 14 holes in the foursome Solheim Cup on September 5. Photo: AP

Nelly Korda hugged rival Leona Maguire after losing 14 holes in the foursome Solheim Cup on September 5. Photo: AP

On the opening day, the Europeans led the US by three points – a score of 5.5 – 2.5 thanks to five wins and a draw. The opening series recorded a controversial situation. At that time, the referee team used the 10-second rule to decide the away team lost the 13th hole, with the assessment that the ball “hangs the rim” after Nelly Korda’s eagle stroke – the US player, number one in the world.

“I think the American players are up. I think the last day will be tense because half a point is also precious. Besides, they are enthusiastically cheered by the local audience, thereby enthusiastically winning back the Solheim Cup at home. “, Europe captain Catriona Matthew commented before the singles series. Matthew used to hold this position when the team won the championship at 14.5-13.5 at the 16th – 2019 match at Gleneagles, Scotland. That year, they used three rookies in the force, while the US had five players to make the pitch.

Tournament history since 1990 recorded the former continent team winning four of the eight occasions leading the opponent before the singles series. In the final day of this period, they with four rookies, need 5 more points to keep the Cup and the US needs 7.5 more points to reach the 14.5 victory milestone.

In the past 31 years, the US has won 10 of the 16 Solheim Cup matches with Europe.

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