AmericaAmerican Golf lost to Europe with a score of 13-15 at the professional women’s team tournament of the Solheim Cup in a match play format.

Castren congratulated his teammates after defeating Salas in the decisive match, bringing the Solheim Cup to European golfers. Photo: AP

Castren congratulated his teammates after defeating Salas in the decisive match, bringing the Solheim Cup to European golfers. Photo: AP

The event closed at dawn on September 7, Hanoi time, after 12 singles matches. The whole tournament consists of 28 matches, in which win 1 point, draw 0.5.

Last period, the US lost 13.5-14.5 when as a guest in Gleneagles, Scotland. This time, they lost as the host, at Inverness Stadium in Toledo, Ohio. The away team led from start to finish, three points (5.5-2.5) away from the opening day, two points (9-7) after the second day. Both days a total of 16 matches are in the style of foursome in the morning, fourball in the afternoon. In the singles series, the away team needs 5 more points to keep the Cup and the home team needs 7.5 more points to reach the 14.5 win milestone.

But yesterday, each side got six points. In the European section, two rookies Matilda Castren and Kristine Pedersen scored first. Castren scored a par, held the trophy according to the rules, 2.4 meters away against Lizette Salas.

Matilda Castren scores on the last hole

Pedersen played against Danielle Kang, helping the home team to win 15 with a 1-up advantage. Castren and Pedersen both finished at the last hole.

“It’s a superstar. The whole team burst with happiness, when she put the 18th hole. Personally, I was speechless,” European captain Catriona Matthew praised Castren’s “chicken” in a putt to help them hold the trophy continuously. two periods.

On the last day, Europe and Leona Maguire, also a “newbie”, won a point in the confrontation with Jennifer Kupcho. With that result, Maguire was unbeaten in the 17th Solheim Cup – four wins and one draw.

Despite the defeat this time, the US still won more than Europe in the 31-year Solheim Cup history – 10 out of 17. The tournament was launched in 1990 by the LPGA and Ladies European Tour co-sponsored by the Norwegian-American golf club manufacturer Karsten Solheim.

The first six times, the event was periodically held in even-numbered years but changed to odd-numbered years from 2003 to avoid the same Ryder Cup – the men’s peer-review tournament changed to even years from 2002 after the terrorist disaster on September 11, 2001.

Covid-19 caused the men’s tournament to postpone the 2020 schedule. From this incident, the governing organizations returned both tournaments to the original period – the odd Ryder Cup from 2021 and the even Solheim Cup from 2024. The next women’s tournament – ​​2023 The stadium has not been announced, scheduled to take place in Spain from September 22 to 24 – a week before the men’s tournament in Rome.

Foursome and fourball format in match play

In fourball, each team consists of two members, each playing their own ball. The member’s best score at each hole will be the team’s score.

In a foursome, two players share a ball, taking turns hitting the ball until it hits the hole. If one player tees off on the odd-numbered hole, the other tees off on the even-numbered hole.

In terms of results, the pair with the better score wins the hole and gets a 1up advantage. In the event of a tie, the score is even (all square – AS). The side with more ups than the number of holes left in the standard 18-hole round wins the match. The result is expressed as the number of ups in front, the number of holes left behind.

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