What is Dealer? And how to be a professional dealer? These are questions that many people ask. In online casinos, Dealer is the staff performing the task of dealing online cards. However, in each industry, this concept is understood differently. To answer these questions, let’s 12betvn88 We keep an eye on the post!

What is a Dealer Dealer?

What is Dealer? This is a general question because this industry has many concepts that appear in many different professions. Accordingly, in each field, the Dealer is understood in a separate way. Below 12Bet will provide you with information about this term in casinos, football betting and stocks!

1/ What is a dealer in a casino?

If you are a regular participant in online casinos, you must have heard of the concept Dealer. This term is used to refer to those who are in charge of dealing cards. However, this industry will be considered legal or illegal depending on the bookmakers as well as the laws of different countries.

For freelance business, the bookie will provide the Dealer with a certain amount of money. Accordingly, the task of the dealer is to bring profit to the house.

What is Dealer? And how to be a professional dealer

Dealer is the dealer in an online casino

In fact, today, Dealers are also known as analysts. They will give win-loss ratios or predict the risks encountered. Based on this information, the bookie will give the most correct results.

Amount of salary of Dealer depends a lot on the profits they bring to the bookies. However, if the situation is not very feasible, the Dealer may be fired. This means that they cannot meet the requirements set by the house.

2/ Dealer in football betting

Not only appearing in casinos, Dealers are also used in football betting. Dealers are known for making bets before the game is over. In the most understandable way, the dealer in football is the person who will be responsible for managing players who cannot participate in bets when the game enters dangerous situations.

Normally, this time will be 15 seconds. Therefore, if you pay attention, you will see that in online betting you will have to wait a while before making confirmation.

What is Dealer? And how to be a professional dealer

Dealers are the ones who make the bets

3/ Dealer in securities

Dealer in stocks is completely different from casino or betting. Dealer in this field is an individual or business that acts like an agent. After that, they will be split the commission. For securities, almost every bank has the form of a Dealer.

A Dealer’s Daily Work

There are many people who are wondering, so the daily job of a Dealer will be to analyze the information as well as the odds. Also predict the opportunities or risks that occur. From that knowledge, the bookie will give the most accurate results as well as bring the highest profit.

For each win, the Dealer will receive an amount called a commission based on the percentage of the total house profit received. This amount of money, if converted, is huge. Usually this commission figure is in the range of 5%. However, if you lose, the Dealer will have to face the risk of being fired, or may also have a direct deduction from salary. Therefore, the Dealer is considered a very stressful job in terms of sales.

For the Dealer profession, their working time is not specified. Accordingly, it will depend on the Live Betting matches whenever there are football matches that they will do.

On the house side, they will use Streaming video technology to perform live streaming of the game genres available in the casino. Along with the appearance of the Dealer dealing cards, when playing gives you the feeling that you are participating in a real-life casino.

What is Dealer? And how to be a professional dealer

Dealer working time depends on Live Betting

Dealers will have the right to use the special game table that the dealer has prepared. Accordingly, there are different buttons to place bets as well as perform card manipulation. At the same time, they can also interact with participants through live cameras on online casinos, so you will see the appearance of these dealers just like you are playing at a real-life casino.

What are the requirements to become a Dealer?

Dealer is a very stressful profession, moreover, Dealer has a unique nature. So if you want to become a professional Dealer, you need to meet a number of different requirements.

This is a profession that does not require a degree but to be a good Dealer, you need to have good social communication skills. Dealer must be agile, sensitive and have a good sense of observation and analysis of the situation. It can be seen that Dealers are mostly smart people and have quite high IQs because they need to go through a very rigorous selection process.

Not only that, they also have a deep understanding of the field in which they work. Therefore, the Dealer job requires the employee to be a person with good foreign language skills if they want to develop their profession. Currently, casinos as well as betting forms are present all over the world. Having good foreign language skills will be a great advantage for you.

What is Dealer? And how to be a professional dealer

Dealer must be someone with good foreign language skills

Not only that, good foreign language ability helps Dealer be flexible and work in many different countries. At the same time can learn more knowledge as well as social experience. If you are a talented Dealer, one thing is for sure, you will receive a huge salary and social benefits that many people dream of.

Benefits that 1 Dealer enjoys

Dealer is a profession that requires a lot of different requirements. Moreover, their work is also very stressful, so the benefits or salary they receive are also very high commensurate with the effort they have put in.

1/ How good is the dealer?

The first job of the Dealers is to deal cards to customers. They will be offered by the house to conduct fair dealing. However, if you see regular customers winning, the good Dealer will be able to go to war to get back the lost house money.

Usually in each casino there will be an extremely good Dealer to train the rest. During the process of dealing cards to players, just the Dealer pulls the cards below so that the guests cannot detect them. This will confirm the talent of the Dealer. In case a certain participant finds out, a “black knight” will appear to invite this player out and negotiate.

In a negotiation, there will usually be 3 final outcomes. As follows:

  • That participant becomes a dealer for the casino.
  • That participant will get a big bonus. However, leave the casino immediately and keep it a secret.
  • If you do not agree to the above requirements, that participant may face some bad luck.

Accordingly, for this negotiation, there will be two doors: win and lose. Therefore, all decisions are in the hands of the participants. Be careful to make the right choice for you!

2/ Salary received by Dealer

Dealers are those who bring a lot of profit to the house. That is why they are very respected and appreciated. This is also completely understandable given the work they do. Just analyze and evaluate the odds, just deal the cards, … all done by the Dealer. Moreover, their work is also very stressful.

What is Dealer? And how to be a professional dealer

Dealer’s salary is quite high

Therefore, the amount of salary that Dealer receives is also very high. Usually the lowest salary is about 1000 USD/month. For those with many years of experience and hard skills, this amount can be up to 10,000 USD / month.


What is Dealer? This is a concept used in many different professions. For online casinos, the Dealer is not only the dealer but also the person who analyzes and evaluates the odds, etc. From there, brings high profits to the house. The above article has provided you with some useful information about the Dealer as well as how to be a professional Dealer. Hope you have pocketed useful knowledge about this profession!

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