Slot games is a type of game made on slot machines. This term is no longer strange to those who love online games. However, not everyone understands and grasps the details of this game. Within the framework of the article, 12Betvn will help you better understand slots as well as how to play Bonus exchange slot make billions!

What are slot games?

Slot games is known as a type of game on slot machines – slot machine. If you regularly participate in online games, you will see slot machines arranged in rows. They look like Vietnamese slot machines.

However, you will notice that on the slot machine there will be 3 horizontal or vertical words or more. Along with that are different icons in each row. This will depend on each theme of the game.

What are slots? How to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet

Slot games are a type of slot machine game

With the development of science and technology, nowadays, slot games has been extended to many online versions. These games are designed with a variety of skins, themes, gameplay, and reward structures.

All to meet the needs and desires of the brothers. Accordingly, you can also make a deposit through 3 different forms: Cash, coin or token.

Common Slot Game Terms

Slot games There are a lot of common terms you come across. However, a lot of “newbies” don’t get it. This leads to a low probability of winning when playing. To supplement you, here are 9 terms that frequently appear in bonus slot game You need to understand:

1/ Bonus term

Bonus is also known as bonus. This is a very familiar term and you often encounter in slot games. Bonus is also a special feature that appears when certain symbols are combined together to create.

For each game there will be different rewards. In some games there will be free spins, bonuses or other special features, etc.

What are slots? How to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet

Bonus is also known as bonus

2/ Candle term

Candle is the light of a candle that appears in slot machines. If there is a change in the system or the participant presses the button to ask for help, the Candle will light up.

3/ Coin Level concept

Coin Level is understood as the number of coins corresponding to the bet rows. For example, if you want to order 20 items, the total cost required to activate is 20 coins.

4/ Free Spin terms

Free Spins aka free spins. This is a very common feature in almost all games. Free Spin gives you one or more next spins without losing any money. At the same time, when you win, the value is still received in full. In addition, each game will correspond to a different number of free spins. And a spin will be called “respin”.

5/ Multiplier concept

Multiplier is the term used to refer to the coefficient with the amount won. For example, in the case, you win 2 million VND and activate Multiplier x5, x10, x20. The amount of bonus you will receive will be 10 million, 20 million and 40 million respectively

6/ The term Optimal Play

The term Optimal Play refers to the percentage of the game won by spin. This mainly depends on the tactics you use when participating slot games.

7/ Payline concept

The concept of Payline is used in slot games to refer to each line played. Through it also display the same or different icon. At the same time, after activating the Payline feature, you will receive many other attractive rewards.

In the classic slot games there will usually be 9 “paylines”. However, in video slot games, there will be hundreds of “paylines”. Accordingly, winning rows will be calculated in different ways. It can be horizontal, vertical, triangular or diagonal rows, Zigzag rows …

What are slots? How to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet

Payline concept to refer to each row

8/ The term Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol is considered a symbol of victory. Accordingly, if any row appears Scatter, you will get the corresponding prize there. Moreover, this is also the symbol that many people love when participating in slot games.

9/ The term Wild Symbol

The term Wild Symbol is the symbol of the substitution feature. For Wild Symbol, you can substitute any symbol when combined to win a prize.

How to play the basic slot game

Have a lot of slot games present and loved by you. However, they all share a very simple gameplay. Anyone can join even “newbies”. Accordingly, you only need to follow the specific steps: bet – spin – receive rewards in case the combination wins and wins.

However, to achieve the highest efficiency, you need to keep a few principles in mind. A row pays and pays only when a bet has been made on that row. This also means that even if you have bet 10 rows out of 25 rows and the combination does not get a win. You certainly won’t get any rewards either.

What are slots? How to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet

How to play slot games is very simple

Accordingly, how to play bonus exchange slot is conducted as follows:

  • Place a bet: For some slot games, you only need to choose a payline. However, many games will ask you to choose a total bet that is divided equally among all paylines. You cannot make your own choices.
  • Next, select Press the Spin – spin button.
  • After that, the screen will have the reels spin randomly.
  • If you land 3 or more of the same regular symbols on a payline, you win a prize
  • Win and keep playing new game.

How to play Slots game at 12bet

Now you can comfortably experience slot games at the house 12Bet. With a very simple way to play, start joining us in the order below!

Step 1: Sign in

To start participating in any game, you need to log in to your account. How to do it is very simple, you access the official homepage of the 12bet house. Next, you select the “login” item in the top right corner of the screen. The system will ask you to enter your password and account name. Finally click “login” to start participating.

What are slots? How to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet

Log in to the system

For those who are just starting to play, you need to register an account at the house. The method is also very simple, visit the link to the website of the 12bet bookie. Then the screen will go to the registration section. You just need to enter all the required information. Finally, click “send” to complete the operation. Now you can start experimenting!

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Step 2: Choose a game

After you have logged into your account. At the home page of the 12bet house, you choose “PLAYTECH” => select “SLOT GAME” => select the game you want to join.

What are slots? How to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet

Choose a game to play

Step 3: Place a bet

Once you have selected the slot game you want to participate in, click “play now” or “transfer money” to perform operations. Then proceed to bet the amount you want. Finally click “bet” to complete. Now, let’s experience the game as well as wait for your reward!

Experiences of playing bonus slots

What are slots? How to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet

Please learn the features carefully before playing

Besides understanding how to play, you need to pocket some experience in the process of participating. Here are the playing experiences bonus slot game 12bet brings to you.

  • Should bet maximum if playing Slot Jackpot. This will help you qualify to play Jackpot as well as get a high chance of winning.
  • Bet low but place many lines. Slot is also a game that relies heavily on luck. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning, choose multiple paylines with low bets and spread evenly.
  • Take a closer look at the features. In different machines or casinos there will be different prizes as well as different rules. Therefore, you should take the time to learn carefully before participating to avoid losing an unfortunate opportunity.
  • Know when to stop. No matter what game, when participating you need to know the limit and stop. Set yourself a specific plan with an appropriate amount of money for the day. Win or lose will stop when that level is reached.


The above article has provided you with some information about Slot games What is as well as how to play Slots to earn billions at 12bet. Wish you success and bring back attractive prizes with your choice!

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