Disc shock Attracting more people to join thanks to simple gameplay and high win rate. That is why the game is loved in online casinos. However, not everyone grasp the rules and the most detailed gameplay to bring high efficiency. In this article, invite you to the same admin 12bet We learn about this extremely attractive game!

What is disc shock?

What is disc shock? Disc shock is a popular gambling game in our country today. Some localities are also known as Xoc fork. When participating, the required tools are a bowl, a plate and a coin. It is 1, 2 or 4 coins each with one color

Accordingly, participants will place bets with a set limit. One would put a coin in a plate, turn it over and shake it so that no one could see them. The player’s task is to predict the appearance of the coin with the face up when opening the bowl.

What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

Disc shock is a popular gambling game in our country today

How to play disc shock rated as simpler than the other games. Depending on the number of coins used, the game with bets are not the same. However, currently the number of coins used is usually 2 or 4. So you will have a lot more options and make the game more dramatic.

How to play Xoc Disk for newbies

Disc shock game is considered to be quite simple. This is also the factor that contributes to attracting a large number of participants. However, not everyone understands and understands. So in this tutorial we will split into 4 parts:

1 / The basic rules of the game

Basic Disc shock will usually have 2 doors Even and Odd. Participants only need to put their money in one or two doors to win. However, with reward disc shock game There will be more doors for you to choose from. This also contributes to increase the appeal of the game.

How to play Disc shock also very simple. Accordingly, brothers need to place bets before the bowl is opened. The dealer will put the coin in the plate and do the shock. Participants make predictions about the face of the coin. When the catch is opened, there will be some cases as follows:

  • Shocking disc 1 coin: The player chooses face-up or face-up.
  • Disc shock 2 coin: There are 3 bets on the same side, face up, 1 fold 1 face.
  • 4 coin disc shock: There are many ways to place bets such as parity, by color … This form is also most popular today.

If the participant predicts correctly, he / she will receive the prize and vice versa, the entire bet amount will be lost. Whether it is a traditional form or online, the game is completely the same.

What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

The gameplay between traditional and online is the same

2 / Types of bets available in the disc shock table

To get the most out of your game, you need to understand the types of bets. As follows:

  • Even door betting: Participants will place in the even door and eat money if the result is 4 white coins, 4 red coins, 2 white coins – 2 red coins.
  • Odds bet: Participants will place in the retail and eat money if the result is 1 white coin – 3 red coins, 1 red coin – 3 white coins.
  • Bet by color: Participants skip two even and odd doors. Accordingly, a direct bet on 4 doors will be: 4 red, 4 white, 3 white 1 red or 3 red 1 white. Usually, the odds are: 4 red – 4 white – 12.0; 3 white 1 red – 3 red 1 white to eat 3.5.

When playing the disc jerk and betting by color, participants only need to spend a small amount of capital but get a very large amount of money. However, the probability of this result is also quite lowest when the dealer still has it Shocking Disc and the player’s ability to eat money will be 0.

3 / How to hear Xoc Disk taste you need to know

One of the issues that new entrants are interested in is the way Xoc Dia’s voice is heard. According to the experience of many years from the players, this is completely possible. Pulsed coins will hear different basses. From there they will decide which door to play.

What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

The way you need to hear Xoc Disc taste will help you choose the door to play

In addition, there are also many cases of cheating by cheating on the plate when using coin detector technology. Moreover, the participants said that this is a good way to play with the disc.

For tricks to hear the taste of X-ray disk often appear in traditional games. Because in the online game, the coin will be drowned out by the sound of the game, distracting you. However, at the present time, this method is not chosen by many people. Instead, it is the experience, tips from players with many years of experience participating.

4 / Payout rate

Disc shock is one of the attractive online games because of the high payout ratio. As follows:

  • Red 4: Feeding rate 1:12.
  • Bet 4 white: 1: 12 ratio.
  • Guess winning 3 white 1 red: Payout ratio 1: 2.6
  • Winning 3 red 1 white: Payout ratio 1: 2.6
  • Bet on Over: The dealer pays 1: 0.96 bonus
  • Small bets: The dealer pays a bonus of 1: 0.96
  • Set even doors: Bonus ratio is 1: 0.96
  • Retail: Get rewarded at a ratio of 1: 0.96

If you enter the correct prediction on the doors, you just need to multiply the bet amount by the odds specified by the dealer. From there will be the total money you receive. However, the payout ratio of the bookmakers also has different but not much variation.

What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

Disc shock is one of the attractive online games because of the high payout ratio

Detailed instructions on how to play disc shock for beginners at 12bet

Now, you can fully participate in the online disc shock game at the 12bet house. With a simple gameplay and high payout ratio, you will surely have a very interesting experience here. Here are the 3 steps with the most detailed instructions on how to play disc shock at 12bet house!

Step 1: Register and login

If you are participating in the games on 12bet for the first time, please visit the official home page of the dealer. After that, the system will go to the direct registration link. Your job is to fill in the necessary information that the dealer requires. Then select “send” to complete the operation.

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What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

Sign up for an account to join

In case you already have an account at the dealer, the job is simpler. You access the 12bet home page, enter your username, password and security code in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on “login” to join. The operation is extremely simple, but please note that connecting your phone or computer with a stable network source so that you will not be interrupted when participating!

Step 2: Choose Xoc Disk game

After logging in to the home page of the dealer, you start choosing your game. On the toolbar on the main screen, you select the item “P2P” => select the game “shock disk” and start to experience.

What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

Select game to join

Step 3: Place a bet

To start the game, you will select one of the two doors, Even and Odd, and wager the desired amount. Finally, wait for the results and receive attractive prizes!

Tips to play Disc shock help hundred wins

In addition to knowing the gameplay and rules of Xoc Disc, you need to pocket some basic tips. This will make it easier to win. Here are some experiences from the top players with many years of experience of the 12bet dealer to help you bring the best results!

1 / Know how to stop at the right time

One of the most important things to take care of is to stop at the right time. This is an extremely important factor when playing Disc Shock. If you are sticking to the black line then it is best not to try to remove the gauze but leave the table. This will only make you deeper into failure.

On the other hand, if you know how to play effectively and are on a winning streak, you shouldn’t be too giddy. Accordingly, when you find that you have eaten enough money as planned, you should rest and stop in time to prepare for the next game.

What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

Knowing the right time to stop is an important factor when playing jerk disc

2 / Hit according to the winner

One of the tricks that you can’t ignore is hitting the winner. You should observe at the table who is the one who regularly makes a lot of money. Of course there will be those who rely on luck, but there are also players with effective playing technique. Therefore, following them will help you earn a decent profit.

3 / Calmly observe

For the online games especially Xoc X, you need to focus on watching. In each table there will be different parity statistics, and most of them will be equal. This will also prove that the house does not use deception. In case you see an even or odd string appearing in a row, you should change tables because this is a sign of dishonesty.

Besides, you need to be calm to monitor the situation in the game. The advice for you is to slow down, use your time to think and bet. At the same time, not too hasty can lead to unnecessary mistakes. If you are encountering black strings, you should stop for 2 games before coming back to play!

What is disc shock?  Rules & how to play with the bonus disc at 12bet

Calmly watching will bring victory

4 / Bet according to the rules of bad luck

Disc shock is also a game of high chance. Therefore, the application of this rule is not difficult to understand. Once you have mastered the above techniques and took advantage of the rules of bad luck, your chances of winning will be very high.

Accordingly, you should only bet on an Over or Under bet. Based on the experience of the players, these 2 doors have a 50-50 chance. Therefore, when placing a bet, you have 50% of the winning hand. The rest is bad luck.


Disc shock is a game that is widely received by brothers in the online game market today. The above article has helped you pocket some knowledge about this extremely attractive form. Hope you have had a useful experience when participating as well as winning the highest award. Wish you satisfy your passion and get rich quickly!

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