Rock-paper-scissors nice One two Three is one of the familiar games with a very long history. At the same time, this is also one of the slot games that many online casinos provide to players. So how can you win playing this game? And 12bet Discover the rules of the game and the best tips for playing Poker through the article below!

What is Rock Paper Scissors Pulling Hammer?

Rock-paper-scissors also known as Scissors Hammer, Shaggy, Smashed or Pull Fist depending on the calling of different regions. This is a hand-to-hand game involving two or more players at the same time. In it, players have three different options when playing: Scissors – Hammer – Bao. Corresponding to that are three different shapes of hands.

The original of this game in English is Rock Paper Scissors ie Rock (Rock) – Paper (Paper) – Scissors. It was introduced to South Vietnam in the early 1960s and then gradually became popular. Some people think that Oan Tu Ti is the camp reading of “One, Two, Three” (one, two, three) in English. Because when playing this game, the players often count together from one to three before pulling out Scissors, Hammer or Bao.


Rock-paper-scissors or Scissors Hammer is a very familiar game associated with childhood.

Usually, when playing, the players together read the sentence “Scissors, out what, come out this” or “One, two, three, out what, out this”. After finishing the sentence, simultaneously raise your hand according to the choices of Scissors, Hammer or Bao. Depending on the options given, the player can win – lose – draw with other players.

It is because there is a simple way to play with the end time and quick decision to win or lose, so Rock-paper-scissors is often chosen when it is necessary to determine who goes first or who has the first advantage in some games. For example, when choosing the player to play the first card when playing fishing card good to play Lieng online. In addition, it is also turned into a by online casino bookmakers slot games for players to bet and win bonuses in minutes.

The rules of the game of rock-paper-scissors, scissors, hammer, and folklore

Like many other slot games, Rock-paper-scissors nice One two Three There is a very simple way to play. This game is considered familiar to the majority of players. However, if you have never played the game bonus slot game In this way, below, the 12bet house introduces you to the most detailed rules of rock-paper-scissors.

1/ Number of players

Rock-paper-scissors game can be played by at least 2 players or more. If playing with two people, the number of turns is usually less than playing multiplayer. Meanwhile, playing multiplayer, the number of players is eliminated gradually through each turn depending on the 3 choices of Scissors, Hammer or Bao of the players. Whoever stays last is the winner of the game.

2/ How to play Rock Paper Scissors

When playing Scabbard Scissors in the traditional way, the players stand still in one position. If you play two people, you can stand against each other. When playing with many people, they often gather in a circle. Then, each player makes fists and holds them out in front of them. Or another way is that all players hold hands and put their hands behind their backs to make it harder for other players to guess.

rock-paper-scissors rules

The game has three options of Scissors – Hammer – Scabbard corresponding to different hand shapes.

To play this slot game, at each turn, the players simultaneously recite the command “Scissors, out what, out this”. Or count from one to three and then extend your hand together. There are three options when reaching out, which is Scissors, Hammer or Bao corresponding to different hand shapes.

The scissors: The index and middle fingers of the hand form a V-shape like a scissors forward. The little finger, ring finger, and thumb are tightly clenched.

Bag: Spread the whole hand with 5 fingers out like a leaf.

Hammer: Clasp your whole hand like a fist.

Therefore, this game is also known as Pulling the Fist because of the descriptive shape of the hand. In addition, a note when playing this game is that the players must shout together. When the voice command is over, but someone slows down or gets out before other players, they have to play again. At the same time, the players can only create three shapes: Scissors – Hammer – Sack according to regulations. If you show a different picture, you may be forfeited or have to play again.

3/ How to determine victory in the game

After the players extend their hands in Hammer, Scissors or Sack shapes. The outcome of the game is calculated according to the specific rules of the game as follows.

– The game is considered a tie if all players have the same hand shape. Or out three different options including Scissors, Hammer and Sack. At this point, you must proceed to play another turn.

– In case there are only two hand shapes in the game for example Scissors – Hammer or Hammer – Sack then the winning player is determined through the rule below.

  • Hammer win Drag because Hammer beat the tree Drag.
  • Bao win Hammer because Hammer suffer Bao tight encirclement.
  • Drag win Bao because Drag can be cut Bao.
How to play rock-paper-scissors and scissors

The rules of the Scissors Hammer Sack and determine the winner of the game.

If playing more than once, the players with the same hand shape such as Bao or Hammer can win or lose together. At the end of a round, the winning player continues to play with other co-winners. The game stops when there is only one winner left. The player who loses is eliminated immediately and waits for another game to continue playing.

Can see the rules of the game Rock-paper-scissors relatively simple. Along with that, it shows balance in three options of Scissors, Hammer or Sack. Because Scissors can win against Bao but lose to Hammer. Hammer can win Scissors but lose to Bao. Therefore, this game is not only popular in daily life but also included in the winning slot game by bookmakers. Players can win big bonuses when betting online on Scabbard Scissors games.

Great way to play Rock Paper Scissors Pulling Hammer for beginners

Some people think that playing Rock-paper-scissors nice One two Three completely a game of chance like Bau Cua Shrimp Fish, Dragon Tiger or other games. However, in reality, this is not the case if you know the rules or secrets of the game. This is a tactical and mind-bending slot game that requires players to be quick-witted, quick-witted, and make judgments. Invite you to join us to learn some great tricks to win when playing the following Occasion game slot.

1/ Quickly observe the opponent’s finger movements

The trick to playing Scissors is that you have to be quick to observe your opponent’s hand movements. From there, judge which of the three options they are about to give in the game. Usually, when people are about to pull out, two fingers are usually loose. The person who was about to release Bao, all his fingers were more relaxed. When choosing a Hammer, the fingers often tend to be tight or clenched.

2/ Prepare in advance for the turns

You can watch your opponent play Scissors with other players. Or watch many of their games to see if there are any rules. Or do they have any special habits when playing this game or not. In addition, according to a study, men often use Hammer on the first turn. Therefore, you can out Bao when your opponent is a man.

Tips for playing rock-paper-scissors

Men are more likely to make a Hammer on the first turn when playing Rock-paper-scissors.

As for the “older fox” players, they often make Bao on the first turn. Because they think you are young and quite naive. So don’t forget to pick out Scissors in the first turn with the old players.

3/ Change tactics clockwise

According to experts who study game theory and calculate probability, the first round is the most important round. Because a player when they win the first round they tend to do the same in the next round.

However, if they lose, they often choose to change their strategy to play clockwise. The previous example from Scissors now switches to Hammer. Before going to Bao, switch to Scissors. For Hammer, replace it with Bao. Therefore, you should do the opposite if you want to win with this special trick.

4/ Pay attention to the opponent’s psychology when playing

This game is not just luck, it is tactical and psychological like some other slot games. Or just like when you participate in online football betting and have to choose football odds.

If a player makes a Hammer twice in a row, they usually play Scissors on the third time. Similarly, a player who loses twice in a row with the same pick will rarely make that choice the third time. Instead, they reuse another player’s previous selection.

Great way to play rock-paper-scissors always wins

The player who makes a Hammer twice in a row will usually play a Scissors the third time.

When they win, the next time they play, they tend to repeat the choice in the previous round to make it difficult for the opponent’s judgment. Another study showed that the percentage of players who played Hammer in the first turn was usually the highest, accounting for over 35%. Meanwhile, the rate of Bao is only about 30%.


Above, the house 12bet has just shared with you the details of the game Rock-paper-scissors and the rules of this game. Along with that are the secrets to help you win when participating in the game. This game is quite interesting and familiar in daily life. Now it is also released by bookmakers online in the form of a slot game or a winning betting game.

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