Attack is a game that was born a long time ago. However, this form is quite picky to participate because the gameplay is quite difficult and requires high thinking. Today you can join playing card game online through reputable bookmakers. However, not everyone grasps the details and how play card games online. Admin 12bet tv I’m sure the information from the article below will definitely help you answer all your questions!

What is the online game of Tan?

Bai Tan is a traditional game that was born a long time ago in beautiful Russia. Form gambling online for real money This game is quite difficult, so very few people choose. However, now, you can experience anywhere, anytime with online news.

Just like the bonus card games How to numb 6 leaves or games fishing post Otherwise, the game Tan also uses a deck of 52 cards. At the same time, the value of the pieces will be calculated in descending order from: A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2. Accordingly, A is a card has the largest value and 2 is the leaf with the smallest value. Some special cards, K, Q, and J, depending on the region, will have different readings. Usually, players will call the correct name K, Q, J or K for old, Q for lagoon and J for accretion.

Rules & How to play basic online poker for newbies

Bai Tan is a traditional game that was born a long time ago in Russia

How to play basic online Tan

To get the best results when playing card game, you need to understand the basic way to participate. At the same time understand some specific rules so admin will divide it into parts Guide to playing Tan online into four parts as follows:

1/ How to deal Tan cards

For online news, the game will start when there are enough from 2 to 4 players. At the same time, they are also the ones who decide for themselves who will deal the cards. At the start, each player will be dealt 8 cards and clockwise. When the dealer is finished, one more card will be drawn to decide the chief or the main suit.

If the card is drawn with any suit, that suit will be the master and face up to get down last. In case there is a smaller card, it can be changed, but it is required to be in the same suit with the chief and to place the deck on top. After that, participants will calculate so that when they run out of cards, they get that main card. In each game, the hand moves will be different as well as change randomly depending on the hand chosen as the master.

Rules & How to play basic online poker for newbies

Online game, the game will start when there are enough from 2 to 4 people to participate

2/ How to determine the first turn

Determining the first move in the attack is made after the Head has been decided. Accordingly, the dealer will continue to shuffle and draw cards. For the cards J – Q – K are calculated respectively 11 – 12 – 13 points. The remaining cards will be counted based on the number of cards.

After that, each player will draw a card and count in a counter-clockwise direction. If all the numbers are counted and stopped at someone, that person will turn the cards face up to determine the turn and the deck. The player continues to shuffle the cards to find the trump card.

3/ Basic rules of playing Tan card online

The law playing cards not difficult at all. However, for “newbies” it is not easy to understand these things. Accordingly, before dealing, the player must shuffle the cards thoroughly. The first card is turned face up and placed under the pile of cards. At the same time, the master of the cards will be the one to decide on the draw.

For cards of the main suit will block the cards of other suit with a higher number. In how to play card game, the biggest card is the ace, also known as the ace.

a/ Start the game of attack

After that, the game will be conducted in a clockwise direction, the player will be able to choose any card to play. The person being attacked must have a card of the same suit bigger or use Cards with Chief chất then you can block it. In case if the main card is the leader, the person being attacked must use the leader with a higher value to block it. Otherwise, you have to hold the cards (up cards) and lose your turn.

If the person being attacked blocks all the cards and no one gets the next attack, that card is turned face down and kept secret. In case the player runs out of cards, he will have 2 options: draw 8 more cards to continue playing until the end of the card or deal before the end of his turn and continue to draw 8 more cards to attack. continue. These choices are subject to the participants’ conventions with each other prior to the game.

Rules & How to play basic online poker for newbies

The game of attack will be conducted in a clockwise direction

b/ The game is over

When a big game ends, the participant will draw more cards to have a total of 8 cards for the next turn. Accordingly, the order will be given priority to the person who is attacked, followed by the person who is attacked, the person to the right of the person who is attacked and the rest. In case the person being attacked has to hold the card, the next turn starts from the person to the right of the attacked person.

4/ Special Law (Side Law)

Beside the law play tons of cards online Basically, this game also has some special rules. As follows:

  • Law of changing 2 owners: If the trump card is not a 2 and you have this card, you will be exchanged 2 to get the host of the game.
  • Law of worship: This rule is applied when the last player must hand the winner a trump card in his hand. Next they are drawn 1 more card in the venom to make 8 cards.
  • Master discharge law: If no trump card is decided on the first turn, the card will be dealt and dealt again to find a new trump card.
Rules & How to play basic online poker for newbies

Online articles also have some special rules

Experience playing cards Newbies need to know

Besides knowing how to play card game, you must pocket some experience while participating to achieve the highest efficiency. Here are the tips that the players at 12bet recommend you apply!

For any game, when participating, you need to focus to block the cards. The more cards a player has, the more likely they are to lose. In the event of a block, you should be clever to choose the right card. However, remember not to rush to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Besides, you should use your intelligence, observation ability to visualize the possibilities obtained from the cards you are holding in your hand. At the same time, you should not be too happy to own a card of great value. Accordingly, consider carefully to be able to come up with a suitable strategy to increase the probability of winning.

Rules & How to play basic online poker for newbies

When participating in the game, you need to focus to block the post

Not only that, you need to understand and firmly grasp the basic rules of online games as well as how to arrange the most suitable cards. Then proceed to the appropriate application to the game. That way you can gain confidence and take the initiative in your participation. If you have confidence and mental stability, your win has already reached more than 50%!


In addition to the above online gambling experiences, you should find a reputable bookie to participate. This has great significance. A quality address will help you feel secure and comfortable during the game. 12bet is the ideal place for you to put your trust.

With many years of experience in the field, 12bet always strives to bring you a variety of products and services to meet the highest needs of players. Surely you will have extremely interesting and comfortable moments when playing card game at 12bet and get high value rewards.

The above article has provided some information about the article as well as instructions on how to playing card game The most detailed online for newbies. Hope you guys have pocketed useful information and experiences when participating in this online game. Wishing you all the best and good luck!

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