Ginseng online is a popular game for a long time in our country and originated from the North. Card Sam attracts a large number of participants thanks to its simple gameplay and suitable for many audiences. Now, you can also play and earn some money from the bookies. In the framework of this article, invite you to 12bet we learn about the law and how to play whirlwind online for newbies!

What is Sam Loc online?

Ginseng is the game real money gambling popular among Vietnamese folk. Now, anyone can easily participate through online gambling at the house. However, not everyone knows and understands the information about this card game.

Sam Loc is a card game based on 52 cards that is very popular in all walks of life. How to play Ginseng has many similarities with the post forward. However, there are also some very unique characteristics. This also contributes to attracting a large number of people to participate in this game.

Rules & How to play basic online casino for beginners

Playing ginseng is a popular card game in Vietnamese folklore

How to play Sam Loc game online

To get how to play ginseng well, You need to know some relevant information. This also gives you the confidence to win huge amounts of money. Here is the most detailed and specific way to play the game synthesized by the masters of the 12bet house!

1/ Basic online casino rules âm

As with any game, you need to pay attention to the rules when you start participating. Only by understanding the law, you will not make mistakes that lead to “lost money”. In ginseng online, Each game will normally have 2 to 4 participants. Accordingly, each player is dealt 10 cards equally.

In the first hand, everyone is dealt the same cards and there is no winner – loser, so whoever has the smallest card will have the right to play first. From the next hand, whoever wins the previous game will have the right to play first in the next game.

Rules & How to play basic online casino for beginners

The rules of online casino gambling are very simple and easy to understand

2/ Basic terms in Sam Loc lesson

Grasp the terms while playing whirlwind is a very important factor. You will not be confused when you start participating in the game and when your opponent uses it. Accordingly, some concepts you cannot ignore are as follows:

  • Eat white: If you are familiar with the concept of hoarseness in phom, eating white when playing ginseng is similar. Participants will be counted as white if they have 10 cards in their hand or the second quarter, or in the case of 10 cards of the same color but not of the same suit, 3 black, 5 pairs. For white eating, there are also priority orders as follows: lobby – quarter 2 – 10 cards of the same color – 3 sham co – 5 pairs.
Rules & How to play basic online casino for beginners

Knowing the terms when playing ginseng is a very important factor

  • Please village Also known as robbery. In the case when the dealer deals cards and the player feels that he will come first and no one can stop him, he can use the right to ask for a village. At this time, participants will have the right to hit first in turn for the following people to block. In case the person who asks for the village to finish first will receive the entire bet amount. If you lose, you have to pay the village.
  • Freeze: This is the case when the hand has ended and the player still cannot play any cards.

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3/ The process of playing 1 game of Sam Loc card

How to play ginseng It’s not difficult, on the contrary it’s very simple. Therefore, the game is suitable for many different classes or ages. Accordingly, you just need to follow guide to playing ginseng down here:

+ Step 1: Divide the cards

At the beginning of the game, each participant will be dealt 10 cards and counted anti-clockwise.

+ Step 2: Start playing cards

Accordingly, whoever holds the smallest card will have the right to play first. In some places, whoever shouts Sam first will be beaten first. Starting from the 2nd game on, whoever wins the previous game will have priority to play.

When the player plays a card, the task of the remaining players is to block that card. The types of blocking can be applied such as: lobby block lobby, quarter block quarter quarter, double block block. However, if you want to block, you need a larger card, a quarter of a quarter can only block 1 2 card.

If the player plays 1 card and no one blocks it, he will continue to play the next card. The round will continue like this.

Rules & How to play basic online casino for beginners

How to play ginseng is not difficult, on the contrary, it is very simple

If a player plays 1 card on the table and has only 1 card left in his hand, he must notify the whole village. Therefore, the person in the back must be forced to block by all means so that this person cannot go forward. Accordingly, they will block with the highest card they have. If there is a higher card without blocking, it will be heavily compensated.

In play the whirlwind game, whoever leaves the last card 2 will be said to be rotten. Therefore, try to hit this card before the game is over!

4/ How to calculate the score of Sam Loc card

In spite of how to play ginseng online It’s quite simple, but the calculation method is somewhat complicated. Therefore, players need to pay attention to a few things below!

+ How to calculate the basic Sam Loc card score

Specifically, how to calculate points in the lesson whirlwind normally as follows:

  • Normal win: if you win normally, the participant’s score is calculated as the sum of the remaining cards in the hand multiplied by the bet amount, plus 1 2 and 1 quarter card.
  • Eat white: If it is empty, the player’s score will be calculated by 20 cards multiplied by the bet, plus 1 2 card and 1 quarter card.
  • Please village: In case the village is successful and the best in that game, the point will be calculated by 20 cards multiplied by the bet.
  • Village Temple: If the village request fails, you must ddeenff with 20 cards multiplied by the bet and the number of participants.
  • Freeze: If frozen, the player will calculate the score by 15 cards multiplied by the bet, plus 1 card 1 and 1 quarter.
  • Four quarters tight 2: For each quarter cut 2, the player will count as 15 cards.
  • Four quarters cut Four quarters: Whoever plays the four quarters and is cut off must pay the person who cut 10 cards/quadruple.
  • Rotten 2: In case the player has 2 rotten, 5 leaves/tree 2 will be counted
  • Chop husband: If the stack is cut, the number of turns will be multiplied by 15 cards/turn.
Rules & How to play basic online casino for beginners

The way to play ginseng online is quite simple, but the way to calculate the score is somewhat complicated

+ Some other ways to calculate points

Besides the basic scoring methods, there are a number of other ways to calculate points. As follows:

Successful ginseng leopard: In this case, each player will receive 20 times the bet amount when the first person to call Sam and the one to play all the cards first wins.

Ginseng Temple: If the person who chants ginseng is blocked even once or many times, they must pay the blocker. The amount is calculated as follows: 20 times stake x (number of players – 1).

The experience of playing good online casino should not be missed

Not just relying on luck, when play whirlwind, you also need to know some tricks, tips or how to play. This will help bring about the easiest victory. Here are some tips to play well from the top players of the 12bet house. You can refer!

1/ Take the initiative

Always remember and try to gain the initiative when making cards. This is important to help you get away from useless junk cards. Accordingly, the advice for you is to make sets of strings or duos so that it is difficult for others to block. Next, alternate the junk cards.

If you apply this strategy, your chances of winning the initiative will be very high. At the same time, you will not lose your turn and play the cards you want.

Rules & How to play basic online casino for beginners

Always remember and try to gain the initiative when making cards

2/ Observe carefully and be flexible in how to play

Remember to always try to observe the path and moves of your opponents when starting out. Moreover, you need to remember the cards played before to judge the remaining cards in the opponent’s hand. In fact, when using this way of playing requires participants to have long-term memory and experience.

In addition, you also need to be very flexible in the way you play. Not all situations are the same, so you need to be alert and agile in your every move.

3/ Avoid getting rotten 2

In case if you get 2 rotten, if you have first place, you will still have negative money. Therefore, if there is an appropriate opportunity, immediately hit the 2 trees in your hand. At the same time, do not hold back to the end when the opponents are running out of cards. Thus, the risk of you having rot 2 will be very high.

4/ Hit from big to small

Playing from big to small is a tactic that sounds unreasonable, but it is really highly effective. In case you play small cards in a row at the beginning, the possibility of you winning the next play will be very difficult. And if I go back, it won’t be in time and the others may have run out of articles and finished first.

Therefore, you should be wise to seize your right opportunities. That makes it difficult for the opponent to block you. At the same time, you will gain the initiative for yourself.

Rules & How to play basic online casino for beginners

Implement strategy from big to small

5/ Choose a reputable bookie to join

Surely this is an experience not to be missed when participating in online games and even whirlwinds. A reputable bookie will help you feel more secure during the game because of the high payout rate and quick transaction. Moreover, you will also experience a lot of different and interesting games at the house. One of the addresses you cannot ignore is 12bet.

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Ginseng is a game that is played by a large number of brothers because of its simple rules and attractive gameplay. However, for new entrants, it is not so simple. The above article has provided you with some information about today’s favorite card game – ginseng online. Hope you have pocketed some tips to bring home the biggest bonus for you!

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