Online racing is one of the most popular sports today. Especially for those who love speed and fiery races. Now you can even take part in online betting with a virtual racing game at the bookmakers. It attracts a lot of players to participate because of its beautiful graphics and the ability to win bonuses very quickly. Join us for detailed information on racing games and how to play virtual racing betting at the dealer 12bet Now.

What is online racing game?

Online racing also known as virtual car racing or racing betting. This is one of the games virtual sports (Virtual Sports) by developers of sports games on virtual platforms. In this game there are racing cars like racing F1 (Formula One) in real life. Along with that is the fiery races and fierce competition for the highest ranking.

However, unlike real-life racing, online racing game with races only lasts for 60 seconds, not up to hours as reality. It was born as a substitute for real car racing when betting.

What is online racing

Online racing is a betting game inspired by F1 racing.

Players can bet on races and receive rewards in just a few minutes. Along with that, there are many races held daily for the players’ passion for betting. You can bet anytime, anywhere, quickly and conveniently at bookmakers like 12bet.

Virtual racing game is appreciated with realistic 3D graphics. It perfectly recreates the atmosphere of the fierce racetracks. From colorful F1 racing cars, races, winding curves to stands with passionate audiences. The player can view the race as live. Also place bets on racing cars to win bonuses.

What is special about online racing game?

Virtual racing is one of the most popular racing games today. Along with that it is chosen by many players when participating online betting. So what makes the unique and charismatic of this game, let’s explore with 12bet.

1 / Realistic and vivid game graphics

The high score for the virtual racing game at 12bet is the graphics platform. The game is built using 3D virtualization technology. Therefore, the image in the game is not only vivid but also brings a sense of realism like the actual F1 sports car races.

The racing game excellently recreates the atmosphere of world-famous racetracks. With the speed tracks and the stands filled with spectators. Along with that are 12 racing cars of all colors participating in the race controlled by the racers with accelerations to win.

online virtual racing game

3D graphics faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of the fast tracks.

The race starts with a listing of the race cars, race name, type of race, track length. Accompany the time countdown the race was performed. After the race is over, there are slow motion pictures of the cars that run over the finish line. At the same time, announcing the results of the first 3 finishers, ranked First – Second – Third in the racing game.

2 / Thrilling and dramatic emotions like real racing

For enthusiasts who love speed and online betting, watching the virtual car races at the 12bet house feels thrilling and dramatic like watching live racing in real life. This is a fierce competition of 12 racing cars on the F1 track with challenging bends.

You cannot know in advance which race car will finish best until the race is over. Betting then watching the racing is really a very interesting feeling.

3 / Comfortable to play racing betting anytime, anywhere

If with actual racing, it takes a few months for an F1 race to be held. Along with that, a race lasts for a very long time about 1 to 2 hours. This makes it difficult for players who are passionate about racing betting. Therefore, the online racing game was born to make betting faster and more convenient.

betting online racing game

Enjoy betting on racing cars for speed sports enthusiasts.

A virtual car race is completed in just 60 seconds. At the same time there is a new race every 3 minutes. You can choose a vehicle and bet quickly on your computer or mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

4 / The opportunity to make money extremely fast in just a few minutes

Not only comfortably participating in betting anytime, anywhere, players also have the opportunity to receive bonus quickly. At the same time make money extremely fast while playing racing game. Because after only a few tens of seconds to know the results immediately. If the bet wins, the bonus is credited directly to your account. You can bet on multiple virtual car races throughout the day to increase your chances of making money.

How to play betting online racing game 12bet

Now you can enjoy watching the speed F1 racing at the 12bet house. Also participate in betting with racing games to get quick rewards.

The 12bet bookmaker is Asia’s leading bookmaker offering a wide variety of sports betting odds. Along with virtual sports games (Virtual Sports) like virtual soccer, horse racing to eat coins, virtual dog racing or virtual car racing. Below are the steps of the betting game online racing details at 12bet.

Step 1: Login & register your account

To play betting at the 12bet dealer you need to login to your player’s account by entering your username, password and then pressing the button LOG IN right on the homepage. It only takes about 1-2 minutes for you to log into 12bet to play racing betting. However, you should ensure that the Internet (WiFi / 4G / 3G) is stable so that you will not be interrupted when betting.

how to play 12bet online racing betting

Log in to your 12bet account to participate in racing betting.

If you are a newcomer don’t forget to Register an account to play betting at the 12bet dealer. Just visit the reputable 12bet links we provide below. Then click the button REGISTRATION is displayed in the top right corner of the Home screen. Here you just need to fill out the complete and accurate information in the Registration Form and then press the button “Submit” to complete the registration.

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Step 2: Select 12bet Virtual Racing game

After Logging into the website of the 12bet dealer is finished. The next step is to choose the online racing game at the 12bet dealer to play betting. On the Home page, click the item SPORT menu bar. Continue to select the lobby PHOTO SPORTS then select the item RACING SPORTS.

how to play betting online 12bet racing game

Select Sports Racing under Virtual Sports to play betting on racing games.

Step 3: Place a bet

When you choose RACING SPORTS, the official virtual racing game interface appears on the website screen. Including a live display of the race being carried out. Next to that is a list of upcoming races to be held in the next few minutes.

How to play racing betting online at 12bet

The display shows live races and upcoming races.

Below is a list of 12 racing cars with different colors, numbered from 1 to 12. Along with that is the names of the racers who control each race car. In addition, there is Odds odds The dealer gives out to the racing cars.

How to play racing betting online at the 12bet dealer

Odds and racing list with the racers participating in the race.

The 12bet bookmaker currently offers betting options Win (Win) for gamblers. That is the correct bet for the racer to finish BEST in the race. All you have to do is predict the race car to First place and click on the odds for that race. Then enter the bet amount in the bet slip and press confirm bet is done.

How to play betting online racing game at 12bet

Click on the odds to place bets on virtual racing.

The next job is to sit and watch the race live on the computer screen or phone. At the same time know the results and receive the bonus in just about 2 minutes. If the bet is successful, the stake is immediately credited to your 12bet account. If you lose, you lose your bet.

how to play online racing game at 12bet

The display shows the results of the first – second – third finishers at the same odds.

In addition to Win bets, the 12bet dealer can offer other types of bets. These include Place bets, Win / Place bets. Or bet on a 2-car parlay to go first (Forecast), or a Tricast.

The experience of playing online racing game should not be ignored

Besides understanding how to play the racing game at the 12bet house. To win your bet, you also need to pocket a number experience playing betting virtual car racing. Below, 12bet shares some tips for playing racing games that help increase your odds of winning in racing games.

1 / Prepare as much capital as possible when playing betting

One experience when playing online racing betting is that you should prepare a lot of capital. Since the races are held all the time, one race is held every few minutes, so having a lot of capital to play can be an advantage for you.

If you have a strong stake, you can keep wagering until you win. Just like when you play Gourd Fish or Keno Lottery, there may be a game you win, or a losing game. However, there is still everything, you can completely win in the next races.

2 / Virtual racing game does not have any specific rules

In the 12bet house virtual racing game, there are not too many factors for you to evaluate racing cars. Or find out the rules of victory in the game. If with real real car races, you can base on the performance of the racers or racing teams. Or the elements of the track, the weather, in the game these factors are almost not important.

experience playing online racing betting

Focus on the odds and Draw numbers for each race car.

Even veteran racers like Lewis Hamilton can completely finish in the online racing game. Therefore, you should only use the Tie in the rankings and the odds to participate. Along with that is your luck level.

3 / Watch races and racing cars before placing bets

Although there is no specific rule to win like football or sports match. However, you should watch some races before placing your bets. This helps you to make an estimate of what odds are the racers most likely to win. Or what color racing car, the number of the number usually has high ranking to bet.

In addition, it is advisable to see the specific race car and the odds for those racing cars before making a selection. If you are new to playing, it is best to choose races with safe odds from the dealer.

experience playing betting online racing game

View races and rate odds of winning odds from the house.

4 / Do not place bets continuously on virtual races

The racing games at the 12bet bookie are carried out continuously throughout the day. On average, there is a new race every 3 minutes. However, you should not bet on too many races in a row. At the same time, you should not bet all hand, bet 2/3 or 1/2 of the capital you have on a race. Because it can leave you empty-handed.

Because virtual racing does not have many factors for you to evaluate or make judgments before the race. If you are losing a lot, you should be alert to stop to play again.


Online racing truly a fascinating and exciting virtual sports betting game suitable for those who love speed. It helps you to win bonuses and make money extremely fast compared to real-life racing.

Hopefully the above article can help you understand specifically how to play virtual racing game at the 12bet house. Also join the game now with the betting experience we offer. Wish you success and the bet won’t win.

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