If anyone is a fan of card games, it is certainly no stranger to Song of Lieng. This is a very popular genre today and is loved by many people. However, not everyone understands and knows the information about this game. So card game sacred what? Rules and how to play? All will be answered through the article below, invite you and admin 12bet follow up!

What is online Bai Lieng?

Lieng is a game gambling for rewards popular today. In Lieng, there will be at least two participants and a maximum of 6 people. One of the attractions of Song of Lieng It’s a very simple way to play. Even if you are a “newbie”, you can join easily. Some forms such as betting or betting also have many similarities with card games Online Poker. However, how to play sacred bold features suitable for Vietnamese people.

The law play Linh online and in real life not much difference. However, when playing online, you can take advantage of your free time. Also participate anywhere and anytime. This will help you relieve stress, stress encountered at work.

Learn how to play Lieng online

To achieve the best results when participating in games, you need to understand and understand the rules and procedures. For Linh online also. But for this card game Divine game rules very simple, just each game usually has from 2 to 6 participants. Each player will be dealt 3 cards. After that, players will base on these cards to bet a certain amount.

1/ Basic League rules

First, you will set the amount of the specified table. After holding a card in your hand, you will decide whether to add or not depending on the cards. The round will be counted clockwise and starts with the dealer. Accordingly, you will have the following options when it is your turn:

  • To: In case your hand is beautiful and has a high probability of winning, you can choose to raise and bet a certain amount of money.
  • According to the: If the player in front of you To, you have the right to follow or not to follow
  • Revoke: You can also quit and not continue to participate in the game. This means that you will lose the entire initial bet amount.
  • All hands: In case you see that your hand has a high chance of winning, you can go all out with all the money you have.

When everyone has placed their bets, the person with the highest hand value wins. However, you should pay attention to Song of Lieng, the factor is executed only once in a round.

Basic Rules & How to Play Online for Beginners

The rules of playing sacred cards online are quite simple

At the same time, if no one adds more, the game will end. If no one follows, the accuser will win. At the same time, their posts are also kept confidential. In the case of a hand with at least 2 followers, both players must lower their cards to calculate the score. Whoever has the highest score wins.

2/ How to determine victory or defeat in Lieng

In how to play sacred online, To determine the winner or loser is quite simple and easy. As long as you grasp some of the information below, everything will be more favorable:

  • Wax: It’s 3 cards with the same number
  • Lieng: Calculated as 3 consecutive kilometers from A to K. However, Linh agrees with sets A, 2, 3 and sets of Q, K, A. Usually the bigger sets will be stronger. If the same, will compare by quality: Muscle => checkered => shrimp => flange.
  • Image: Are 3 cards with any human figure, J, Q, K (excluding the sacred set JQK). In case players have the same set of pictures, they will compare the value of the largest card in the set.
  • For the remaining cases, it will be calculated based on the total score of 3 cards. Accordingly, from 2 to 10 are calculated according to the corresponding number, A is 1 point and JQK is 10 points. 1 would be the smallest and 9 the highest. If players have the same number of points, the tie will be drawn.
Basic Rules & How to Play Online for Beginners

How to determine winning or losing in Lieng easily

3/ The process of playing a game of Lieng

Like other card games, play sacred online Use a deck of 52 cards. Each table will have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players. Accordingly, the process of 1 game of Lieng is performed as follows:

  • Place a bet: Before starting to participate sacred, you need to bet the amount specified at each table.
  • Begin the game: When you have bet a certain amount in each table, you will be divided by 3 cards by the system. Usually the first player will be the owner or the winner of the previous game. The next player is the one who hits counter-clockwise.
  • When it’s your turn to play: At the beginning of their turn, each player will have 20 seconds to see if they have a hand or a card. In the case of a bet, you will choose the amount and select the “problem”. With the situation that the person in front has denounced, you have the right to follow or quit. If you have not made a decision within 20 seconds, the system will count you to discard.
  • End of the game: The hand will be considered over if the turn is over and no one adds or 1 person discards. The last person to follow the hand will be counted as the winner and eat the entire stake of all non-followers.

In case the game still has 2 people, it will proceed to lower the card to add points and find the winner. If the accuser runs out of money or does not have enough money according to the first accuser, they can still compare cards. However, if this person wins, only half of the bet will be received. At the same time the remaining amount is paid to the remaining people.

Experience playing Lieng online you need to know

Besides learn to play sacred cards, you have to pocket some experience when playing. This will bring about a high probability of winning and a large profit. Here is the secret that the masters at 12bet share with you!

1/ Psychology while playing sacred

Unlike other card games that often rely on luck, when playing Lieng, Psychology is a very important factor. You need to have a good mentality to make the opponent unable to know which card you have in your hand.

Moreover, psychological stability is the key to bring you to the nearest victory. For games with big stakes, psychological pressure will be great. Moreover, those who often lose will have unstable psychology and make the opponent find weaknesses.

2/ Be careful every step of the way

Being careful will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes. Accordingly, you should be vigilant, not subjective because the article is beautiful. The opponent will know how to play and turn the situation around.

Basic Rules & How to Play Online for Beginners

Be careful every step of the way, step by step

3/ Know when to stop at the right time to preserve capital

Play experience Song of Lieng is recommended by the players to know to stop at the right time. It sounds simple, but not everyone can do this. Usually, players will be caught up in the game until they run out of capital. It was too late to stop now. There are many people who are on the winning streak so they want to earn more, and there are people who are losing so they buy and sell so they don’t know where to stop.

The players at 12bet give you advice not to lose more. This easily makes you lose your pocket. Instead, always keep yourself mentally calm, set a specific plan for how much money you should bet on a game. At the same time, how much will stop. This will help you to be confident and no matter what happens, you will still have your own capital.


Song Lieng has a simple gameplay and is almost like Poker. However, this game also has differences that help attract a large number of brothers to participate. The above article has helped you understand more about Lieng, the rules and how to play in detail. Hope you guys have pocketed useful information about this extremely attractive card game. Wish you success, good luck and earn a great amount of money thanks to Lieng!

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