The match shirt and Finisher shirt for the 21.42km valid finisher have impressive colors and eye-catching designs.

Specifically, the shirt for all distances VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long 2021 is bright yellow – the main color of this year’s tournament. On the shirt, add an ombre gradient pattern, creating a dark and light gradation. This shirt will dye the main roads in Ha Long city yellow on the next August 1 race.

4 distances will use yellow shirts.

Athletes of all 4 distances will wear yellow-toned shirts.

On the Finisher shirt, the name of the athlete registered during the SEB phase is printed on the back. This is also the first time at a marathon in Vietnam that a limited edition of the winning shirt has been launched with a personal impression. For athletes who register after the SEB stage (January 31) will receive a regular Finisher shirt, don’t believe the name if the finish is valid.

The 21 km finisher has a pink and red tone – the color of the sun, mixed on a black background, showing health and strength in every step. Completing the 42 km distance, the athlete will receive a yellow – black Finisher shirt. In addition, a small yellow star red flag is dotted on the arm part, increasing the pride when the athlete strode along the side of Ha Long Bay.

Finisher Austria 21 km.

Finisher Austria 21 km.

Not only at VM Amazing Ha Long, all jerseys for athletes, Crew, Pacer in the VnExpress Marathon tournament system are all under the Saucony brand, distributed by Key Power Sports Vietnam and manufactured in Malaysia.

The most advanced thermal transfer printing technology used to produce T-shirts has many advantages such as: printing many complex patterns, printing on any fabric or product like on photo paper. Thermal ink will penetrate directly into each fabric, so the color fastness is high, the color is true and the image is clear. The color does not fade when washed, does not crack when stretched.

The combination of heat transfer printing technology and dyed base fabric will be optimal for athletes’ outdoor sports activities thanks to the coolness of the dyed fabric background.

Finisher Austria 42 km.

Finisher Austria 42 km.

VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long 2021 will take place on August 1 in the tourist city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh.

Thanh Duong

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