In addition to a symbolic check for $1,314 million in cash, the Congaree PGA Tour event champion also received a school trophy.

The Palmetto Cup is the work of Tyson Lamb, owner of the Dallas workshop of the same name that designs and manufactures custom-made golf products, especially putters.

This trophy is made of brass, weighs 18 kg, consists of 62 pieces. Material cutting and engraving is done using CNC technology to ensure maximum precision and finesse. As for the school roof panels, Lamb still keeps the spontaneous defects on the surface during the material production process to make the whole work more vivid. “If you just cover the entire roof with identical square panels, the school will not look real. Can the champion be able to lift,” Lamb explained and witty.

South African golfer Higgo lifts the special trophy of the Palmetto Championship on June 13.  Photo: USA Today

South African golfer Higgo lifts the special trophy of the Palmetto Championship on June 13. Image: USA Today

At the end of March, the PGA Tour announced the cancellation of the RBC Canadian Open 2021 because of Covid-19 and replaced it with the Palmetto Championship from June 10-13 in South Carolina. Therefore, Lamb must race against time to complete the task.

This maker took 220 hours of hard work to finish the victory for the champion.

“I got home around 1 or 2 a.m. for two weeks. This is the most complex work I’ve ever done,” says Lamb.

Lamb is self-taught, initially producing in a warehouse. Currently, his workshop is nearly 1,000 square meters, but with only five employees, including his mother and sister. My 75-year-old grandmother is still eager to help me when she visits.

The Palmetto Cup honors education and inspires young people to strive for sports careers. This is the operating philosophy in Congaree – the Palmetto Championship host with a $7.3 million prize fund in South Carolina. The event closed the curtain on the morning of June 14, Vietnam time with the championship belonging to South African golfer Garrick Higgo. The majority of Congaree members are millionaires, and the owner of the stadium is a billionaire philanthropist.

Quoc Huy

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