Maintenance Team Charter Oak Country Club, Massachusetts, discovered the same tee as a dead forest when stripped of grass on the teeing ground.

The pile was exposed after the maintenance team removed the grass.

The pile was exposed after the maintenance team removed the grass.

The photo appeared on the Twitter account of Scott Reynolds – Chief Operating Officer of Charter Oak. Reynolds photographed during off-season ground maintenance.

“I was very surprised. Although growing up on the golf course and in this industry for 40 years, I have never seen such a scene,” Reynolds said.

The veteran expert says every tee box at Charter Oak has a broken tee, but each hole has a pattern. And according to Reynolds, par3 holes have more tees broken than par4 and par5. In addition, the local air temperature has recently been unstable. The condition from hot to cold continuously causes the ground to expand continuously. Hence, the broken tee just popped up.

Hole 3 in Charter Oak is par3 long, up to 150 yards long, with the whole tee box currently at 48.8 m2. Reynolds estimates that there are 8-10 broken tees for every 0.09 square meter and the total is 5,260.

Although they do not harm the quality of surface grass, they are not good for maintenance equipment because, according to Reynolds, lawn mowers often deviate from the way, blades clack when crossing from hole 3 tee box to top of hole 4.

At Charter Oak, players are given free tees on wood and this full tee field 3. “Many people just pick up the broken part of the ground and forget the underground part,” Reynolds commented. His environmental message hidden photo received 1,300 likes, 102 comments, most of which were surprised and agreed with 260 shares.

Charter Oak Course by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Designed by members and their guests only. This place records 300 existing members, on average 42 years old.

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