BrotherHeavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury announced that his wife Paris gave birth to a baby girl on August 8.

“Sincere thanks to everyone for the messages of greetings and congratulations,” Fury wrote on Instagram. “The baby is in good health and hopefully soon out of the intensive care unit (ICU). Please pray for Athena. My wife Paris is also in stable health. God is right for us.”

Athena is Fury and Paris’ third daughter, after 11-year-old Venezuela and three-year-old Valencia Amber. The couple also have three sons, 8-year-old Prince John James, 4-year-old Prince Tyson II and 1-year-old Prince Adonis Amaziah.

Fury and five children.  He hopes to have enough of a football team with his current wife Paris.

Fury and five children. He hopes to have “one football team” with his current wife Paris.

Paris has been with Fury for the past 16 years, from when he was just a mediocre boxer to becoming a world champion. Their marriage was on the verge of collapse a few years ago when Fury suffered a mental breakdown, drifting into alcohol and drugs. Paris at one point packed her bags, ready to leave, but in the end chose to stay with her husband, fighting with Fury and keeping the family home.

Last month, Fury said he wanted five more children with Paris. The aforementioned British puncher Daily Mail: “Paris became my girlfriend when she was 15 and I was 16. When I got married, I asked her how many children she wanted, and she said 10. I promised to do it. And now we want another one, 11. We want a football team playing on the field in Morecambe, England.”

Fury and his wife Paris.

Fury and his wife Paris.

At the end of July, Fury confirmed that he would fight his third fight with Deontay Wilder in early October 2021 in Las Vegas. In the first fight at the end of 2018, the two boxers drew after 12 rounds. In the rematch in February 2020, Fury dominated and won by technical knockout in the seventh round.

According to the original plan, Fury would fight to defend the WBC heavyweight title against Wilder on July 24 in Las Vegas. However, the third fight between the two fighters was postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 at Fury’s headquarters. Not long after a member of the team contracted Covid-19, the 32-year-old British boxer also received a positive result. Fury got one dose of the vaccine, but didn’t get a second shot.

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