AustraliaDiego Benitez, an Argentinian living in Melbourne, runs 10km along the Diego line to commemorate the legend of his countryman who passed away.

Like every Argentinian, Benitez adores Maradona. He was touched and mourned to know “Golden Boy” passed away. Benitez struggled to think about how to commemorate the legend of his fellow countryman, even though he had not seen much of the legend playing football. And a special idea was born when this running fan loved to go to Youtube to find a part of his memories of Maradona.

“When I watched the video of Maradona’s goals on Youtube this afternoon, I got the idea. I have never done anything like that, and this is a great opportunity to do this,” Benitez told. TYC. “I used Google Maps to plan the running route so that the tracklog (running map) showed the word DIEGO. The distance fell about 7 to 8km, so I decided to run another section to make the 10km round, because the number 10 is also shirt number associated with the legendary name of Maradona “.

Benitez shared his 10km tracklog on Strava on social networks with the words Run 10km for God, with hashtag #DiegoMaradona.

Benitez shared his 10km tracklog on Strava on social media with the words “Run for 10km for God”, with hashtag #DiegoMaradona.

When performing a tribute, Benitez wore the Argentina shirt, when Maradona was still playing, with his name and shirt number on his back. He said: “It took me a long time to rummage through the Maradona jersey many years ago. I haven’t worn it for a long time, it is old and I don’t want the shirt to be damaged more, but this is a special occasion. special “.

Benitez is like many other children raised in Argentina, Maradona was the inspiration that brought him to love football. The expatriate fan continued: “I came from San Lorenzo and lived in Argentina until I was 14. I played a lot on the streets and at school. We pretended to be professional players and fought every day to help me. See who is the number 10 “.

Benitez's outfit in tribute to Maradona.

Benitez’s outfit in tribute to Maradona.

After Maradona’s death, fans around the world have devised many things to remember him. In Argentina’s “Golden Boy”, some members of the government are counting on his birthday as a national holiday. Another group of fans called on the Argentine government to print a picture of Maradona in the 1986 World Cup on the country’s banknotes.

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