An investigative report from the Los Angeles police showed that Woods was supposed to be in Florida despite being in an accident near Los Angeles.

According to the document due Golf Channel Collected and revealed on April 9, Woods thought he was at home, and did not remember anything after two long-time photo sessions on February 22 – the day before the accident near Los Angeles. This is Woods’ testimony to the police when he regained consciousness after emergency surgery at the Harbor-UCLA local hospital.

Police announced the conclusion of Woods’ accident on April 7. From the data in the car black box, they said that Woods drove in the range of 135-140 km / h, while the speed limit on the road crash was only 72 km / h due to the curved and steep terrain.

Woods' car overturned on the side of the road at the scene of the accident on February 23.  Photo: AP

Woods’ car overturned on the side of the road at the scene of the accident on February 23. Image: AP

After crashing into the median strip, the car rushed into the opposite lane and then crashed into the tree at a speed of 120 km / h. After the first collision, Woods tried to turn the steering wheel and “99% kicked the wrong accelerator”.

The investigation report consists of 22 pages, assessing the “Super Tiger” status when the police arrived at the scene. Accordingly, he lost consciousness, his lower jaw was torn several places, bruised on both sides, broke his right leg and possibly injured his ankle.

Documents also describe him showing signs of “aggression” and low blood pressure – two common symptoms when the body is affected so badly.

Because Woods was seriously injured and the vehicle showing no signs of a stimulant was opened, the police passed a test of his composure at the scene.

Quoc Huy (according to the Golf Channel)

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