According to the investigation of the Los Angeles police, Woods drove his car into the median at a speed almost double the allowed limit on February 23.

Data from the black box shows that the 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV, driven by Woods, ranges from 135 to 140 km / h, while the speed limit on the road crash is only 72 km / h due to the curved and steep terrain. . That was also the estimate of the speed at which Woods’ car crashed into the median line.

After that, the car rushed to the opposite lane and crashed into the tree at a speed of 120 km / h. Next, it pulled to the side, rolled several times before tilting the side of the driver’s seat, more than 120 meters from the first point of impact. Black box data also showed that after crashing the median, Woods tried to turn the steering wheel and “99% stepped on the wrong accelerator”.

Woods' car was badly damaged, lying sideways at the scene of the accident near Los Angeles on February 23.  Photo: AP

Woods’ car was badly damaged, lying sideways at the scene of the accident near Los Angeles on February 23. Image: AP

This information was announced by the police yesterday, April 7, with the consent of Woods and his family. The world’s number one former Golfer is recuperating at his home in Florida, after three weeks hospitalized with a broken leg in the accident.

According to Sheriff Alex Villanueva, the cause of the accident was the vehicle at an unsafe speed in existing road conditions. But Woods has not been charged with careless driving and traffic safety disregard. “This requires witnesses or law enforcement,” explains Villanueva.

During the investigation, authorities also extracted Woods cameras before leaving the resort until the accident and confirmed that Woods did not show or act in a hurry. In addition, the police did not see evidence of stimulants on the vehicle, so there was not enough evidence to request a blood test of the involved party. They were also not allowed to access Woods’ phones.

“I thank the two benefactors for coming and calling 911. And I am also grateful to the Los Angeles police and fire brigade that arrived at the professional rescue scene, then safely brought me to the hospital,” Woods wrote. Official Twitter account, not long after the police announced the conclusion of the investigation.

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