On the morning of April 21, Hanoi’s weather was somewhat cool. The temperature at 4 am is about 26 degrees Celsius, it does not rain, convenient for athletes to compete and establish a new PR. In addition, routes and locations for the run at Ecopark many days are decorated, cleaned, ready for race day.

Many hours before the departure time, the route around the departure area and the main road are locked, ensuring no traffic passing. About 600 volunteers, including urban residents and students from nearby universities, are responsible for supporting the tournament.

Ecopark running track is organized in the form of City Trail, with many types of road surface and through many different types of terrain, from inner-urban and inter-provincial asphalt roads; stone paved road along the lake; grass hill, road crossing golf course, flower garden … Each run of the athlete will pass the brick-lined green road in the Palm forest, Tung garden; the flower-covered trail of the Island villas; Forest trees next to the Summer, Spring park or the lake surface of Thien Nga Lake Ecological Park.

Ha Van Nhat, Le Van Thao, Hong Le, Nguyen Thi Oanh, Trinh Quoc Luong, Nguyen Minh Hong and many other prominent faces of the Vietnamese jogging village are present at the start-up area of ​​Ecopark Marathon 2021.

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