DanangOn the second finish line from Thua Thien Hue to Da Nang this morning, April 18, Nguyen Truong Tai rose to win the Yellow Shirt from Loic Desriac.

The 100kilometer long race with three passes Phuoc Tuong, Phu Gia and Hai Van takes place in favorable weather conditions – cool weather, no rain and mild wind. Tran Thanh Nhanh (Ho Chi Minh City) reached the top of Phuoc Tuong pass first, before Huynh Thanh Tung (Military Zone 7) took over the top of Phu Gia pass, these were small passes so the main players had not exerted their strength.

Quoc Khang temporarily occupied the Red Shirt after 12 races.  Photo: Huynh Thuan.

Quoc Khang temporarily occupied the Red Shirt after 12 races. Image: Huynh Thuan.

The highlight of the Austrian war for the best mountain-climbing crab took place at Hai Van Pass with extremely interesting developments. The Spanish foreign soldier of Vinama HCM City Javier Perez actively attacked strongly, escaping alone. In the back, Loic Desriac Yellow Shirt with teammates Nguyen Hoang Sang (Bikelife Dong Nai), Le Ngoc Son (Loc Troi An Giang Group) formed the chase group. Hoang Sang gradually ran out of breath, only Ngoc Son and Desriac pressed the pedal to chase Javier Perez. Ngoc Son fell and fell behind, so only Desriac accelerated to catch up with Perez.

Due to two foreign riders working together to slow down, Hoang Sang, Ngoc Son and the eastern group behind him caught up when they were not far from the top of the pass. Ngoc Son managed to escape, but failed. Nguyen Pham Quoc Khang (Dong Nai) in the following group took the first place on the top of the Hai Van pass, capturing Austria Dot Do from Nguyen Van Duong (Hanoi).

Winning the 12th stage, Tan Hoai firmly consolidated the title of Green Shirt.  Photo: Huynh Thuan.

Winning the 12th stage, Tan Hoai firmly consolidated the title of Green Shirt. Image: Huynh Thuan.

After passing the pass towards the finish line in Da Nang, strong teams such as Dong Nai, Dong Thap, Vinama Ho Chi Minh City all kept the main squad. Dong Thap actively dragged this group to chase Dang Van Bao Anh (Vinh Long) – the racer alone split the group to take the lead, to bring Tan Hoai back to the sprint competition in order to deepen the distance between the Green Shirt points compared to Le Nguyet Minh. – People stuck in the back because climbing the pass is not good.

Despite the strong offensive efforts of Nguyen Truong Tai (Vinama Ho Chi Minh City), Tan Hoai still promoted his forte sprint, reached the first finish in Da Nang, successfully defended the title of Blue Shirt, creating a gap of 20 points. compared with Nguyet Minh. Truong Tai finished second, but won 6 seconds of the prize, rose to win the Yellow Shirt of Desriac, creating a gap of 5 seconds faster than the French race.

Nguyen Truong Tai temporarily opened the prestigious Yellow Shirt after half of the race's journey.  Photo: Van Thuan.

Nguyen Truong Tai opened the prestigious Yellow Shirt after half of the race’s journey. Image: Van Thuan

Regarding the first group, Le Hai Dang (Dong Thap) successfully defended the title of White Shirt. Dong Nai team successfully defended the first place of teammates, Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Thap ranked second and third respectively.

Tomorrow 19/4, the group of race 13 from Da Nang to Tam Ky (Quang Nam) was 89 kilometers long.

The 2021 Television Cup competition through Vietnam has a total prize fund of nearly 2 billion VND – the highest in history. 15 domestic teams participate, compete on a total route of 2,450 kilometers through 22 stages. The race departs from Cao Bang on April 6, and then finishes at the Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City on April 30.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Television Cup cannot invite foreign racing teams. But the tournament still has two veterans in Vietnam for a long time, Javier Sarda Perez (HCMC) and Loic Descriac (Dong Nai).

The Yellow Shirt prize for the cross-Vietnamese bicycle award changed hands - 6

Dong Huyen

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