After six months of selection and intense preparation, the Southern team launched the official lineup at the 2021 VGA Union Cup troop departure ceremony on March 9.

Through five selection rounds and training sessions since October 2020, the Southern team has 20 members with handicap levels from 0-5 and can be divided into three groups. In which, the first group includes many veteran names that have passed four competitions Andrew Hung Pham, Nguyen Ngoc Khoi, Vu Pham Nguyen An, Hoang Ngoc Quy, Tran Anh Linh. The second group is recruits Nguyen Ba Phuc, Nguyen Quoc Tinh, Le Bao Lam, Nguyen Duy Manh.

The other group is golfers who are playing stably such as Nguyen Huu Hai, Nguyen Van Thong, Mai Duc Thuy, Dinh Viet Sinh, Luu Xuan Loc, Nong Trung Hieu, Le Dinh Anh, Huynh Quang Duc, Duong Quoc Tuynh, Pham Quoc Phuong. , Do Duy Hien.

The Southern golf team is preparing to compete in the VGA Union Cup in mid-March.  Photo: Gia Khoa

The Southern golf team is preparing to compete in the VGA Union Cup in mid-March. Image: Gia Khoa

At the fifth Union Cup, the Southern team, as the host, will compete with the Northern representatives at West Lakes Stadium, Long An from March 19 to March 21. From this time, the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) will organize the tournament every two years.

“The Southern team is made up of a combination of experienced, brave golers and young players. We always uphold the spirit of solidarity, a sense of discipline according to the principle of ‘South – One belief’. We respect the opponent and hope that the careful preparation of the two teams will bring many dramatic, emotional matches Because of the equal expertise and unpredictable element of team format, I think that the two teams’ chances of winning are 50-50, “said Southern captain Tran Thanh Tu.

The previous competitions took place every year, starting from 2016. The Northern team won the trophy twice, from turning upstream at Dalat and overwhelming FLC Sam Son Golf Links. But the Southerners won the next two games, which were close at Long Thanh, then overwhelming at Sky Lakes.

The Union Cup competition format is similar to that of the Ryder Cup between the US and Europe. The two teams of fighting match-fighting consisted of teammates – fourball, foursome and individual – single.

In the fourball, each team consists of two members battling each other over 18 holes, each batting their own. The member’s best score per hole will be the team’s score.

In the foursome, the two teams battle through 18 holes. Each team consists of two members sharing the same ball, taking turns to hit the ball until the ball enters the hole. If one member takes a goal on the odd numbered hole, the other plays on the even numbered hole.

In terms of determining the results of all three issues, the pair or individual with the better score wins the hole and has a 1up advantage. In the case of a tie, the score is equilibrium (all square – AS). The side with a higher number of ups than the number of holes remaining in the 18-hole standard round wins the match. Results are indicated by the number of ups first, the number of holes remaining behind.

Gia Khoa

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