According to UFC president Dana White, chronic arthritis in the ankle caused Conor McGregor to suffer a serious injury at the UFC 264 event on the evening of July 10.

“McGregor has had ankle problems for the past few years. McGregor asked and got permission from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to wear an ankle brace against Dustin Poirier. But then he decided not to wear it. I don’t understand. why, because he has chronic arthritis in his ankle,” White said Fox News on 7/19.

McGregor fell and broke his leg while fighting

The long-awaited third fight between McGregor and Poirier at the UFC 264 event, at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas on July 10 ended quickly, when McGregor flipped his ankle at the end of the first half and could not continue to fight. . A day later, McGregor underwent a successful three-hour tibia and fibula surgery.

According to Dana White, the Irish boxer may have to miss a year because of this injury. He said: “McGregor will take a year to recover before he can return. I don’t know, wait and see. The sport is tough, and McGregor has made a legacy and made a lot of money. Let’s wait and see how the rest of McGregor’s career plays out.”

After being discharged from the hospital on July 14, McGregor revealed that he injured his leg before the UFC 264 event, but Dana White still wants him to compete. Boxer nicknamed “The Notorious” above Instagram: “I got injured going into the fight. People ask me, ‘When did the leg break? When?’ Ask White, ask the UFC and Mr. Davidson, the UFC’s chief physician. They know. I had a stretch mark on my leg before stepping on the octagon.”

McGregor was not satisfied when he lost quickly to Poirier because of an ankle flip incident.  Photo: Reuters

McGregor was not satisfied when he lost quickly to Poirier because of an ankle flip incident. Image: Reuters

“There were controversies about me scrambling without a foot protector and kicking the practitioner’s knee a couple of times. So I got stretch marks on my leg, just above my ankle. After that, I I also had problems with my ankle during my years of competition. And I bumped my ankle often during training sessions,” McGregor added.

A day later, McGregor continued to update on his injury. He said: “I needed treatment on my leg, in my ankle and in my shin bone. I would never have surgery, unless something happened. And it happened. And I had to put on a titanium brace. into the bones of my legs to aid in healing. Now I have a titanium rod from knee to ankle, and the doctor says it is unbreakable.”

Losing to Poirier was surpassed by Tony Ferguson and Rafael Dos Anjos. McGregor is now the seventh contender for the lightweight title fight against Oliveira, after Poirier, Justin Gaethje, Beneil Dariush, Michael Chandler, Ferguson and Dos Anjos. This is also the first time McGregor has broken into the Top 5 since moving to UFC lightweight in late 2016.

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