Golfer won three titles PGA Tour Pat Perez owns more than 1,000 shoes associated with the name of basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Perez was born in 1976, has been playing golf professionally since 1997. More than 10 years ago, Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were famous in NBA basketball. And at that time, Nike built the Air Jordan brand for basketball products, especially shoes inspired by the giant basketballs. Particularly, Air Jordan shoes are selling very well in the US. And the Jumpman logo is a model of Jordan’s dribble.

In 1989, Nike launched the Air Jordan IV. At that time, Perez was still in junior high. “Back then, everyone wanted a pair of Jumpman IVs. But we didn’t have money to buy a brand new pair. Then one day, I saw a friend throw an old pair of white and gray border in the school trash. Pick it up, scrub it clean and get your first pair of good Jordanians, “Perez recently told the PGA Tour competitor’s private blog.

A passion from a young age helped Perez be associated with the idol Jordan.  Photo: Golf Magic

A passion from a young age helped Perez be associated with the idol Jordan. Image: Golf Magic

In 2002, Perez went to the PGA Tour and began to have conditions to collect shoes Michael Jordan used to use in his heyday. He searched both official and black markets. And the black market itself is an easy place to find models Perez liked in the old days.

Recently, the Mexican American golfer refurbished the office for the second time to add shoe storage space. “I do not have specific statistics, but so far perhaps more than 1,000 pairs. The number is increasing because the manufacturer keeps sending me a pair. Every time I hear the delivery truck, I am like a child receiving a gift. Christmas”.

In 2009, Perez won the PGA Tour for the first time, at the Bob Hope Classic. Seven years later, he won his second title – OHL Classic. Upon winning his third championship – CIMB Classic 2017 in Malaysia, Perez directly received greetings from the basketball legend.

“Michael told me what I needed to say. I immediately asked for my shoes and was satisfied. And in just a year, I went back to Team Jordan and got his phone number. I didn’t bother much, just texted occasionally, But every time Michael responded immediately, “Perez recalls.

Pat Perez's Air Jordan shoe collection.  Photo: Golf Magic

Pat Perez’s Air Jordan shoe collection. Image: Golf Magic

In fact, Perez had a brief relationship with Jordan a few years earlier than a friend. However, the Monaco trip with Jordan and the new Nike brand ambassadors is “new heights” for Perez.

“It was a lifetime trip. I remember the most when I was sitting on the deck of the yacht, sipping cigars and sipping tequila. Michael was very friendly, open,” said Perez.

It is Jordan that is the agent for Perez to own his own line of golf shoes – Cement IV.

“I was sitting next to Mike at the poker table in Monaco and the Air Jordan XI shoes just came to the market. He went out to smoke a cigar and invited me to take my tequila with me. Out there, I presented the idea of ​​imposing his design. XIs on golf shoes and expressed my love for the IV model. Michael heard it and said ‘then let’s get the IVs’ and asked me to discuss with Gentry Humphrey – Vice President in charge of Jordan shoe division. I have not contacted yet, a few weeks later, two pairs of Cement IV golf shoes have arrived at his house, “said Perez.

Perez competed for 473 PGA Tour events with bonus income exceeding $ 27 million. He is currently a member of the board of William Murray Golf, in which the founder is the golf comedian Bill Murray.

Quoc Huy (according to the PGA Tour)

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