After his mother’s call from Norway, Viktor Hovland actively admitted to violating the law and received a penalty of two strokes and was cut off in the second round of The Players Championship on March 12.

Viktor Hovland chip the ball to the green in the second round of the second round The Players Championship on March 12.  Photo: AP

Viktor Hovland chip the ball to green in the second round of the second round The Players Championship on March 12. Photo: AP

Hovland was born in 1997, went to the PGA Tour since 2019, winning two championships just the following year. This week, he attended The Players Championship for the first time – the main event of the PGA Tour – with a prize fund of 15 million USD at the Stadium, Par72 of the TPC Sawgrass golf complex in Florida.

On March 11, a golfer born in 1997 hit 70 in the opening round. Finished the match, he signed to confirm the scoreboard and then left the field. On the way to the parking lot, he got a call from his mother – Galina – who was at home. In a short talk, she asked her son about the possibility of being fined in hole 15. “What do you mean?”, Hovland asked. “Well, I misplaced my ball marker,” replied Galina.

Hovland cut off the phone and immediately reported the referee team. They “cut the ice” and confirmed that he was fined two strokes for hitting the wrong ball, according to article 14.7 of the golf rule.

Because on the green of hole 15, Hovland moved the ball position marker to the left, equivalent to one end of the stick to clear the way for the team-player Justin Thomas to close the hole first. After Thomas was finished, Hovland did not reposition but also left the same distance to the left.

From his new position, he kept par, 0.9 meters from the hole. Hovland did not self-detect professional errors until she got a call from Mother.

Under the old law, Hovland was disqualified because of incorrect transcripts. But the new law does not take this factor into account, so he is only fined two strokes. Thus, Hovland’s first round record went from 70 to 72 strokes. But those two extra sticks add “expensive damage” later on. Because from point -2, Hovland went down to even par – right at the expected elimination line. The next stage, Hovland hit 74 strokes so he got +2 after 36 holes and the official cut off point is still even par.

“I ignored the first round rule. Unfortunately, the next round I had a chance but could not improve my performance,” Hovland said. Golf Channel. Yesterday, he scored two birdies through the first four holes but hit the ball from the double bogey hole 5. From holes 6 to 18, he had only one birdie but three bogeys.

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