Khetag Pliev still plays without knowing that his pinky finger was severed in the MMA match against Devin Goodale in early April.

Pliev posted on social media a picture of him in a hospital bed with his finger reconnected.  Your fingers are in the right place, everyone, this martial artist wrote.  Photo: Instagram / Pliev

Pliev posted on social media a picture of him in a hospital bed with his finger rejoined. “The finger is in the right place, everyone”, this martial artist wrote. Image: Instagram / Pliev

In the mid-range match of the CFFC 94 event held in Pennsylvania on April 1, Pliev broke his pinky finger after being hit by a heavy kick from Goodale. However, the Russian boxer was not aware of the injury he had just encountered and continued to play. Referee David Osaghae only stopped the game when he found that Khetag Pliev’s left ring finger was no longer in his hand.

Minutes later, those present at the 2300 Arena had to search for Pliev’s finger. Even, the organizers even loudly asked the audience to pay attention to the surrounding area. According to the ESPN, medical staff finally found Pliev’s finger in the boxer’s glove.

The 37-year-old puncher was immediately transferred to hospital for surgeons to reconnect his fingers the same day. Goodale was treated to a knock-out technique.

Pliev is a free wrestler who participated in the 2012 Olympics. After moving to MMA, he won five wins out of six, counting before playing Goodale.

Pliev had successful surgery, but it will take him a long time to get back to the ring. “In the second inning, Goodale grabbed my glove and grabbed it. I felt my finger break. Goodale continued to pull my glove off and got my finger off. But we kept going. After the second half ended, I saw my bones come out. I wanted to keep playing, because I felt like I was going to win, but the doctors and the referee saw my injury and decided was about to stop the game, “Pliev recalled.

Pliev's finger after being reconnected.  Photo: Instagram

Pliev’s finger after being reconnected. Image: Instagram

Yesterday, April 7, six days after the finger joint operation had been severed, Pliev was back in training. In the video posted by TMZ, the Russian boxer said “he wants to show to UFC boss Dana White that he has enough blood to return to the octagon”. And when possible TMZ Asked about this, White said: “Pliev’s fiery, courageous strength is not the point. But you need to make sure to keep your fingers in your hands.

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