Super Early Bird phase for VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight night run will be closed after March 31st.

VnExpress Hanoi Midnight Midnight 2021 is entering the final days of selling Super Early Bird tickets (February 14 to March 31). Ticket price (Bib) for each distance at this stage is from 270,000 to 810,000 VND for the distance from 5 to 42km.

The organizers also apply a preferential fare policy for runners buying in groups. Specifically, groups of 10 to 29 people enjoy a 10% discount, groups from 30 to 49 people reduce 15%, groups of 50 over 100 people reduce 20% and the maximum discount rate of 28% applies to groups of over 100 people.

Ticket type

Super Early Bird

February 14 – March 31

Early Bird

1/4 – 22/4


April 23 – October 11


October 12 – October 28

5 kilometres





10 km





21 km





42 km





* Unit: VND

At the same time, in order to facilitate movement for thousands of runners participating in the VnExpress Marathon system, the organizers have cooperated with Vietnam Airlines to implement a preferential flight ticket program. Accordingly, athletes who successfully purchase Bib will receive a 20% discount on air tickets at the time of ticket purchase and check-in at priority counters.

For relatives and friends of the runner, the airline will offer 10% discount for up to 3 people traveling with the same runner on the same route (may have different flights and flight dates but at the same stage of the tournament).

The 10km athlete prepares to start at the Hanoi night run.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Athletes 10 and 21 km prepare to start at the Hanoi night competition. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

VnExpress Hanoi Midnight Running Tournament organized by VnExpress in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Hanoi in order to give runners experience a road running along famous streets, going through a series of ancient relics. and admire the tranquil beauty of the capital at night. This year’s run will take place on January 20, the runners will be striding to run in the cold early winter weather.

With experience in organizing annual running tournaments, VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 will continue to bring a running tournament with many utilities for runners. With the cooperation of sponsors, athletes participating in the tournament are cared for in terms of clothing, health, utility on the track as well as recovery after running.

Pham An

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