SingaporeOk Rae Yoon beat Eddie Alvarez, who won the UFC light championship title, by referee points in the main match at ONE on TNT 4 event on April 28.

Ok Rae Yoon started off well with a heavy jab with his right hand that sent Alvarez to the floor. The Korean boxer immediately held his opponent on the floor and repeatedly punched the former UFC light champion home.

Ok Rae Yoon defeats Eddie Alvarez

Ok Rea Yoon’s fierce strike in the first half against Alvarez.

The main referee Mohamad Sulaiman closely watched the situation to intervene to stop the game. But Alvarez successfully fought back until the bell rang.

Two innings later, American boxers did better when they got the correct shots, but that was not enough. In the end, Ok Rae Yoon won by consensus on all three referee’s scoreboards.

With this result, Korean boxers increase their achievements to 15 wins – 3 losses. Meanwhile, Eddie Alvarez received his second defeat at the ONE Championship and struggled in the race to win the championship title.

Ok regretted not being able to win against Alvarez sooner.  Photo: ONE Championship

Ok regretted not being able to win against Alvarez sooner. Image: ONE Championship

“In the first half, if I had calmed down to hit more accurate punches, I would have won the knock-out. But my opponent, Eddie, was a legend. So I was a little excited and want to beat him faster And that’s why I couldn’t finish the game early In the next two innings, Eddie recovered both stamina and strength. Must be calmer, slow down and play with concentration, “Ok Rae Yoon said after the match.

On April 7, Eddie Alvarez was shown a red card and lost for Iuri Lapicus’ s nape. However, after a meeting to redefine the situation between 15 independent members, the referees and supervisors on April 26, ONE Championship changed the result of this match to “No Contest” (no result).

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