The 11th campaign of the VRace virtual run, titled “New Year’s Reunion in your own way”, is aimed at those who cannot return to their homeland to reunite this Tet.

With 4 cumulative distances in 3 weeks, respectively 14 km, 34 km, 63 km, 97 km, from beginners to professional runners can participate in the challenge.

From the moment of registration, the runner starts running on the next day to complete the total distance chosen in 21 days, ending registration on 18/2.

This is a way for those who love jogging to find motivation to practice regularly even during the New Year holidays. Besides, this is also how they share the message of a New Year’s reunion in their own way during the Covid-19 epidemic.

When participating in the virtual run, each person will have their own path, but there is still a community of companions to share training efforts.

Kara Goucher – a famous female long distance athlete once said: “It doesn’t matter how long or how far you run. As long as you put your feet in your shoes and step out to run, you are a runner”. VRace isn’t just for long-term trainers. Anyone who wants to stride on the streets, wants to show determination and spread the spirit of practice can participate.

A runner running in the night in Hanoi.

A runner striding in the night in Hanoi. Image: Ngoc Thanh.

On January 28, Covid-19 broke out again in the community, the whole country was once again placed in an atmosphere of anti-epidemic hustle. Tet is not far away. But for those who are at the front line of the fight against the epidemic, those who have to be isolated, or all those who are in epidemic zones, the way home to celebrate Tet becomes difficult. Many new Tet homes will have no relatives. Many streets will lack the bustling atmosphere of Happy New Year steps. Many small alleyways will not be visited.

In that context, the campaign “New Year’s Reunion in your own way” was deployed to cheer up the spirit of the expatriate children, those who are participating in the anti-epidemic and individuals who have to stay in isolated areas. The steps of running are not only aimed at improving health, but also show a spirit of resilience and optimism over difficulties.

In 2020, despite the complicated epidemic situation, the V-Race campaigns will still take place regularly, attracting tens of thousands of runners to take part in the challenge. In the face of social distance, in the most stringent conditions, many runners have chosen unique locations such as terraces, apartments, corridors, and gardens to ensure safety. Many have recorded achievements far exceeding the distance set by the organizers, completing hundreds of kilometers in just 3 weeks.

Open prizes are free for all participants. After completing the challenge, the runner will receive an electronic certificate, an electronic medal to save a beautiful memory of a journey of training and spiritual encouragement for the Vietnamese people living far away from the country.

Sign up to run for free here.

Thao Mien

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