Black’s Beach – a nude bathing area in San Diego – is located just below the South course of the Torrey Pines golf complex that is hosting the major US Open.

South Torrey Pines Court is located on high ground and Black’s Beach is close to the edge of the Pacific Ocean with “natural fences” of steep cliffs.

But from some holes you can still admire the “18+ beach”. British golfer Ian Poulter for more than 25 years has been a top golfer and is a genuine supercar player, but recently discovered this by accident when he tested the course a day before the tournament.

At that time, he just inspected the first half of the battlefield while using his phone to record a “souvenir video” for his Instagram profile.

Ian Poulter filmed a fairy beach at Torrey Pines

While turning the camera towards the sea, Poulter heard a warning voice: “That place is a nude beach”. “Oh yeah. So we should leave this video alone and focus on golf. I just wanted to show you the surroundings,” Poulter replied, walking along the fourth hole while his phone was still recording. one more time. Poulter currently owns three PGA Tour championships, 12 European Tour Cups. Yesterday, he finished the second stage of the US Open with 71 strokes, standing at T41 at +3 after 36 holes.

According to the map and direction in South Torrey Pines, from holes 3, 4, 12 and 13 can see Black’s Beach. In fact, the city of San Diego has banned nudity on this beach since 1977. But New York Times reflects that the government has not fully grasped this spirit.

Because, the ban on nudity is not strict at the north end of the beach, with the name Torrey Pines State Beach. This area is below the yard, directly. On the contrary, the city’s tourism promotion website hangs a line praising the fairy bathing place – “Black’s Beach is famous among surfers, but it is more famous in the world for being a nude beach”.

Black's Beach is a landmark in San Diego.

Black’s Beach is a landmark in San Diego.

However, the “fairy bath” has only four entrances and is difficult to access, including trails in Torrey Pines State Park, through the northern main beach, La Jolla coastal road or the area for paragliders.

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