RussiaAntonio Marcos lost consciousness while leaning against the octagon when hit by Russian boxer Husein Kushagov at the ACA 126 event on July 17.

The long-awaited middleweight match at ACA 126 in Sochi ended quickly, right in the first half.

The difference came in the fourth minute, when Kushagov repeatedly hit and cornered Marcos close to the octagon. The Russian boxer then launched two hooks, left and right, to the face, causing the opponent to stagger and stubbornly lean back against the octagon.

The boxer lost consciousness in a standing position

The referee immediately intervened when Marcos was no longer able to play. Kushagov also left a beautiful image, with the referee helping Marcos lie on the floor after being awarded a knockout victory.

This was Kushagov’s second win in a row, and his fourth in the last five. But this is the most spectacular tactic, because he won the other three matches by winning the referee points.

This knock-out situation caused a storm on social networks. “A crazy knock-out,” one fan whined. “Kushagov’s right hook made Marcos fall hard into the octagon. Only the fence can keep him. What a brutal attack,” another commented.

Sports Network FanSided He wrote: “The attack is like a car accident. You don’t want it to happen to your opponent, but you have to see it. Hopefully Marcos will recover quickly if not seriously injured.”

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