2021 Tokyo Olympic Creative Director Hiroshi Sasaki insulted comedian Naomi Watanable by calling her the “Olympic pig”.

Sasaki is in charge of preparing for the opening and closing ceremony of Olympic 2021 this summer. In a chat group with associates preparing for the event a year ago, Sasaki was stabbed by comments on Wantanabe’s appearance, knowing that the actress would perform at the Olympic opening ceremony. next July. He uses the word “Olympig” – “The Olympic Pig” to refer to Wantanabe.

“I like to joke, so I said it outrageously. I was immediately blamed by the other male staff,” Sasaki told the Japanese magazine. Shukan Bunshun, and confirmed that he regrets what he said.

Mr. Sasaki during a press conference in Tokyo on July 31, 2018.  Photo: Reuters

Mr. Sasaki during a press conference in Tokyo on July 31, 2018. Image: Reuters

One of Sasaki’s associates at the time bluntly stated that he should not compare women with pigs. Others said that even though it was an outburst of ideas, Sasaki should not say it out loud. When prompted, Mr. Sasaki reviewed himself and took back his words. However, the incident was still exposed, causing this Creative Director to suffer public pressure and had to announce his resignation on March 18.

“A lot of people know what I write. I don’t know how much to apologize to Ms. Watanabe. I don’t intentionally hurt others by making fun of their gender or appearance. That’s a big misunderstanding. Realizes his poor consciousness and insensitivity, “the sheet Mainichi quoted Sasaki.

Meanwhile, Watanabe is surprised by Sasaki’s comment. “It is true that I am a bit bold too, and I accept that I can be ridiculed for my looks sometimes. But I am really satisfied with myself and want to continue to show myself as ‘Naomi Watanabe’ without concern.” my mind is too fat, “she said Nippon.

The 33-year-old actor was once famous for his dance performances on the background of Beyonce songs and was referred to as “Beyonce of Japan” by the media. She is also the founder of oversized clothing brand Punyus and was selected as global brand ambassador for high-end fashion brand Kate Spade in 2020. Earlier this year, the comedian is expected to move to the US to career development. She is also participating in many events promoting the Tokyo Olympics.

Watanabe actress is known as Beyonce of Japan.  Photo: Kyodo News

Watanabe actress is known as “Beyonce of Japan”. Image: Kyodo News

Sasaki’s resignation is another step back from the 2021 Olympic organizers. In February, former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori also resigned as Head of the Organizing Committee because he made a gender-discriminatory remarks, causing outrage in public opinion. .

The new organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Seiko Hashimoto was shocked when Sasaki’s incident broke, and the organizers accepted his resignation. “It should never have happened,” she said.

Sasaki is the industry leader in advertising in Japan. He designed the flag giving ceremony for Tokyo at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared as a video game character Mario. Initially, Sasaki was assigned to oversee the Paralympic ceremonies. He was assigned to another Oympic ceremony in 2021, replacing actor Nomura Mansai resigned.

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee has been having trouble continuously since postponing the event due to the epidemic in 2020. On March 19, after a series of negotiations with related parties, Japan banned foreign fans from coming to the country. This country participates in the Olympics. Ms. Hashimoto promised that the organizers would do their best to make the event happen.

Japan is still determined to host the Olympics at all costs in the summer of 2021. Photo: AFP

Japan is still determined to hold the Olympics at all costs in the summer of 2021. Photo: AFP

Follow Black Hills FoxCurrently about 4.5 million tickets have been sold to Japanese people, and perhaps another 1 million tickets have been sold abroad. Before the pandemic, organizers were expected to issue about 7.8 million tickets for the Tokyo Olympics. But now, foreigners who buy tickets get a refund.

Because of Covid-19, the Olympic Games were delayed from last summer to this year. Japan has invested about $ 9.2 billion to build the infrastructure for the event. Olympic 2021 is scheduled to open on July 23.

It is expected that more than 11,000 athletes from more than 200 countries and regions, 4,000 Paralympic athletes, thousands of staff, support team, coaches, media … will participate in the 2021 Olympic Games. publishes a 33-page guidebook, sets out the rules against Covid-19 for athletes before the start date.

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