Finishing 252 holes in 11 hours and 22 minutes, 44-year-old Jürg Randegger set a world record in the category of “walking the most holes in up to 12 hours”.

Randegger set a new Guinness World Record for golf on the Ostschweizerischen course in the autonomous region of Nuremberg in Switzerland on May 22. This course is 6,472 yards long, par72.

In marathon-style golf, he only used a 7 iron for 1,348 shots through 252 holes, with a total distance of about 93 km, equivalent to 14 rounds.

Randegger is determined to set a record...

Randegger is determined to set a record…

... even with the arduous drag at the end.  Photo: PD

… even with the arduous drag at the end. Image: PD

Randegger loses several balls in the first half of the journey, taking no further damage the rest. The first eight rounds, he beat in the rain, took 45 minutes for each round, including stopping to drink water, eat snacks, change clothes and shoes.

Randegger passed the final round with the second best record from the start. This golfer scored five birdies from the moment he entered the game to the time he had to stop because of exhaustion.

“I’m very happy when I achieve my ambitious goal. At times, I thought it was a torture because I was tired of fighting and still in bad weather,” said Randegger when being confirmed as the world record holder. Guinness.

Randegger rejoices after setting a new world record.  Photo: PD

Randegger rejoices after setting a new world record. Image: PD

“Jürg tried to break the world record not only because of his love for golf and running but also because he wanted to raise public concern for the unfortunate through the Swiss Paralympic Committee.” The Guinness website offers recommendations.

The old record in the same category was recorded at 221 holes. In fact, Eric Byrnes – former American professional baseball player (MLB) also walked and finished a total of 245 holes on Half Moon Bay in San Francisco in April 2019. However, that achievement is not officially recognized. Even so, Byrnes continued to hit and finally got a Guinness record in the same place, but in the category “walking the most holes in 24 hours” – 420 holes.

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