Garmin sports watch brand offers one million dong discount code for runners who register to participate in the “Run for Vaccine” virtual running tournament.

Garmin’s one-million-VND promotional voucher applies to all runners registered to participate in the “Run for Vaccine” virtual race, from now until the end of July 18. Runner uses this voucher to buy Garmin watches on VnExpress Shop system. The promotion will end at the same time as the closing of the race registration portal.

Two runners on the track of VM Hue 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Two runners on the VM Hue 2020 track. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

A Garmin watch with features to measure speed, heart rate, distance, running … will make tracking the runner’s achievements easier. Runner can refer to some watch models here. To receive the offer, runners follow these steps:

Step 1: Register to participate in the “Run for Vaccine” tournament.

Step 2: After registering within 48 hours, the runner’s account will receive a discount code at Shop VnExpress. Runner will receive a notification email after the account is activated with a discount code.

Step 3: Access Garmin Shop here.

Step 4: Select the product you want to buy and proceed to payment. The discount code will appear in the shipping information step.

The organizers note that the login account at Shop VnExpress must be the account that the runner has registered to participate in the “Run for Vaccine” tournament. Each runner can apply the offer once during the program. Each V-Race account corresponds to one discount voucher and is not redeemable for cash.

The light purple Garmin Venu Sq watch costs 4.99 million VND.

The light purple Garmin Venu Sq watch costs 4.99 million VND.

The race at “Run for Vacine” started by VnExpress on June 2 with the message “Steps of Solidarity”. 62% of the participants were male, the remaining 38% were female. Nearly half of the runners chose a distance of 100 km. By May 18, more than 5,000 people across the country and abroad had registered for the “Run for Vaccine” award. A number of business organizations through the award also donated hundreds of millions of dong. All proceeds from ticket sales and donations will be transferred by the Organizing Committee to the receiving representative of the Vietnam Vaccine Fund and used for the purchase and production of vaccinations for the people.

“Run for Vacine” will open registration until the end of July 18 with distances of 10 km, 21 km, 42 km, 100 km. Each person runs in the form of accumulating kilometers for 21 days from the date of registration to meet or exceed the original goal. After completing the challenge, the runner will receive an electronic certificate and an electronic medal to save a good memory of a meaningful training journey.

“Run for Vaccine” belongs to the virtual running platform V-Race, encouraging everyone to participate. Runners can access the V-Race Fanpage to update related news.

Thanh Duong

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