Ultramarathon (super marathon) surpasses the criteria of a regular 42 km race, with many difficulties, but worth the experience.

Photo: Graeme Murray.

Many runners want to challenge their limits through extreme super marathon races. Image: Graeme Murray.

Running 50 km, 100 km, even longer is something many runners have never thought of. However, with proper training, the running legs can conquer any distance that exceeds the standard of a marathon (42 km).

According to writer Ben Snider-McGrath Canadian Running, similar to the first time running 5 km, 10 km or participating in a regular marathon, every runner finds it difficult, but when practicing well, they easily pass those journeys. So is the Ultramarathon.

Page Canadian Running offers a series of reasons why runners should consider testing the ultramarathon.

Pride right

Writer Ben Snider-McGrath said that making a good impression on everyone is something everyone likes. Most people who do not have a habit of running will be attracted to hearing someone say they have run a marathon before, especially conquering an ultramarathon on extreme roads.

“A lot of people don’t even know what an ultramarathon is, so when you hear how far you’ve run, they’ll think you’re awesome,” says Ben. Proud of their efforts and perseverance is the rights and common mentality of many runners.

Test of will

To conquer any long-distance race, requires runner must have will, energy and spirit. Typically, at a distance of 42 km, the runner is not merely making physical efforts, but must train his spirit and be optimistic to move forward. That is how they discover themselves, discover new things that have never been revealed before.

On the other hand, when they have a firm will and endurance, the runner can try all the tough races in the future.

Regular jogging training every day gives runner a foundation of endurance and endurance.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Regular jogging training every day gives runner a foundation of endurance and endurance. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Get into the races

Love to explore and experience is a common mentality of young people. Maybe runners are not interested in the 100-mile race at first, but after completing the 50 km, they want to participate in longer races.

Journalist Ben Snider-McGrath said there are many people who both run ultramarathon, while wondering in the future will never repeat this activity. After finishing, however, they were looking forward to another ultramarathon and practicing more actively.

Increase community

To achieve enough fitness for long races, runners can register to participate in VnExpress’s virtual run here. Prize is an opportunity for runner to set daily training goals.

Each step will contribute to supporting the West against climate change.

Team running is a great experience. When participating in more and more running groups, individuals increase their unanimity.

In addition, because the ultramarthon is a difficult challenge, compared to regular racing, the runners will be easier to bond with each other. “Because they share a long and arduous experience,” says pp Canadian Running emphasize.

The ability to reverse the situation

If an athlete wants to win and enjoy the feeling of challenging his limit, the ultramarthon is a good suggestion because no distance is insurmountable.

In a regular marathon, it is difficult for a runner to overtake the leader even though the distance between them is only 10 minutes. The ultramarathon is different, however, and you may be up to an hour behind the lead, but in a run lasting tens of hours or even days, that doesn’t make any sense. With a little more effort, you can catch up to them and win.

Virtual run race Along the West over the salt drought has many distances from 10 to 200 km for the runner option to register to run for 21 days.  Join here,

The virtual run “Along the West over salt drought” has many distances from 10 to 200 km for the runner to choose to run for 21 days. Join here,

Do not force it

Like any race, if you step into the extreme and lose interest, you can leave the back of the race behind and never try again.

Experts believe that the runner should run with the most comfortable position, do not force yourself when not ready

Found forte

In fact, there’s also a chance you’ll love the ultramarathon and be really good at it. You will not know what your ability is if you do not boldly try and take risks.

“If you have tried it and found it uninterested, you can forget it. But if you love this type of movement, the ultramarathon can become your new form of racing,” concluded journalist Ben Snider-McGrath.

Jiang Yi (According to the Canadian Running)

In 2021, VnExpress will organize 4 large-scale running tournaments in 4 cities: Quy Nhon, Ha Long, Nha Trang and Hanoi.

VnExpress Quy Nhon Marathon took place on 6/6, the peak season of Quy Nhon – Phu Yen tourism. Athletes can combine the tournament with jogging and travel with family and relatives. Tens of thousands of people came to this central coastal city during the tournament.

VnExpress Marathon Amazing Halong took place on August 1, in the tourist city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh. Held in the coastal city for the first time, the tournament promises to bring new experiences to athletes across the country.

VnExpress Marvelous Nha Trang will take place on September 19 in Nha Trang, the biggest marathon event in the city ever. The tournament aims to attract from 6,000 athletes, bringing together runners and clubs across the country.

VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight kicked off at midnight on November 20, in the typical winter cold of the capital. Historic landmarks and famous trails will appear under the athlete’s footsteps.

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