When playing the second round of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship on January 22, Jorge Campillo discovered that the ball was stuck under the divot – an array of grass and soil created by the iron clubhead of the previous player.

Campillo started from hole 10, without birdies and a double bogey when the first half of the round was over. Into hole 1, par4, he played and then went to the fairway but did not see the ball. A moment later, he found it stuck under the divot.

Ball stuck in the divot.

Ball stuck in the divot. Image: European Tour

“It’s the most unusual situation I’ve ever seen in the profession,” commented Miguel Vidaor, Managing Director. He was invited to the court by Campillo to handle.

“In my first sense, I thought of the artificial element because it seemed like someone deliberately inserted the ball into the divot. But this possibility was ruled out due to lack of evidence. And Jorge said after the header, he went down to find it. Divot is on the way to hit the ball, so Jorge has no way of contacting the ball with the tip of the club when hitting from where he is. If he wants to, he probably has to turn the patch of grass half behind the ball. hand, “Vidaor said.

Under the law, Campillo cannot release the ball without penalty because of the situation within the “removable obstacle”.

“The rules are very simple. The divot of the obstacle is removable so you can pick it out. But if the ball moves while moving the divot, you get a penalty of one stroke and have to put the ball in its position. head, “said Vidaor.

After listening to Vidaor’s explanation, Campillo thought hitting the ball in his current position was like a penalty of one stroke. Therefore, he chooses to remove the divot and hopes the ball stays still.

“We did it very well. Jorge grasped the sides of the divot very carefully, lifted each inch, it was like surgery until I said ‘okay, the ball doesn’t move’. The whole process took about 15 seconds,” Vidaor said. .

After that, Campillo latched hole 1 at par, and pegged the 73rd round of par72. He is on T99 with +3 score.

Yesterday, the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship was as late as the first round due to bad weather. This stage is more than 60 players who have not played yet – 16 more than the previous day. Tyrrell Hatton played the second round, after finishing hole 14, he had to stop because it was dark. Hatton took an eagle then – for the third time in two days, adding a bogey and four birdies. He took the top spot at -12, a five-stroke lead over Rory McIlroy at T2 and Romain Langasque. Expected cutout line is at -1.

The Rolex Series quartet in the European Tour this season brings together 132 players with an eight million dollar prize pool.

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