Hoang Huy, Quoc Luong, Le Trung Duc, Thuy Oliver, Sammi … look forward to new experiences, set a target of breaking personal records in their return to Quy Nhon on 6/6.

Participating in the Workshop with the topic “We are ready” on the afternoon of April 15, the runners said they were in the process of practicing carefully, preparing for race day 6/6 less than 2 months ago. Besides the veteran faces, there are also people coming to Quy Nhon for the first time. All agree that the constant change each season and the addition of attractive challenges is what makes VnExpress Marathon attractive to the runner again.

Two years as pacer for VnExpress Marathon in Quy Nhon, Hoang Huy (President of Hoa Binh Park Runners Club) returned to the 3rd tournament as an athlete to experience many levels of emotions on the track. He registered a distance of 42 km, targeting sub 3.

Wanting to “try being an athlete”, but said running legs, to reach the above goal requires serious training. He practice lesson plans for 3 months, about 5 sessions per week.

Quy Nhon 2021 also marked a return to the new role of many runners who have been associated with the tournaments organized by VnExpress. Sammi, a famous runner who used to be in the watering crew team VnExpress Marathon, also returned to compete in this year’s tournament. This decision was made because she heard that the 42km road had many changes, running over sand dunes, and improved roads. Running legs want to add to the medal collection 42 km in Quy Nhon.

The guests participating in the Workshop We are ready on the afternoon of April 15.

From left to right: Luu Danh Quang, Le Trung Duc, Sammi, Hoang Huy, Thuy Oliver, Trinh Quoc Luong, MC Van Anh.

Continue to register a distance of 21km, Le Trung Duc, a familiar runner who participated in all VnExpress Marathon tournaments, set the goal of standing at the highest podium, instead of finishing second at Quy Nhon last year. Germany used to 21 km VNExpress Marathon Hue 2020 champion, runner up 21 km Hanoi Midnight 2020, runner up 21 km VM Quy Nhon 2020, best 10 km VM Quy Nhon 2019. He is preparing carefully, especially training exercises on endurance and slope , turn speed to race the end against strong opponents.

“The most impressive thing in the Quy Nhon running track was the moment crossing Thi Nai Bridge, witnessing the dawn when the sky is bright, the sun rises,” recalled running VnExpress Marathon twice in Quy Nhon.

Thuy Oliver, one of the names “with the number of cheeks” of the Vietnamese amateur runners, is present in this year’s tournament with a registered distance of 21 km. She has set her current PR breakout target of 1 hour 40 minutes. Trinh Quoc Luong, champion of VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2020 also aims to be in the top 3, achieving good results to prepare for the upcoming Seagame.

New points of VM Quy Nhon 2021

Revealing in the workshop, the representative of the organizers said that the medal of VnExpress Marathon Sparking Quy Nhon 2021 is the most special version in the VM system.

The quality of the track this year has been significantly improved. For example, the village road DT639 – where the runner has received the love of many Binh Dinh people in 2020, has been partially renovated, the road is thicker, more beautiful, quieter, safer for the runner while striding.

The 42-kilometer road this year will also go through the economic extension trunk road, parallel to National Highway 19B experienced by runners last year. This road promises many beautiful pictures and exciting feelings for the runner with one side of sand hill, below is Thi Nai lagoon.

In addition, VnExpress Marathon Sparking Quy Nhon 2021 also has an Expo area with many vibrant stalls, free after-race food court with Quy Nhon specialties …

Experience running in the hot sun

Quy Nhon’s hot weather makes many runners afraid. The guests all agreed, the most important thing is to keep the body temperature stable, especially in the harsh conditions in Quy Nhon.

With 42 km of pacer experience at Quy Nhon, Huy Hoang witnessed many athletes exhausted, especially passing through the area of ​​Nhan Hoi village. He advised the athletes to stay awake by pouring water on them, drinking water at every station.

Mr. Hoang Huy - Chairman of HB Park Runner Club

Mr. Hoang Huy – Chairman of HB Park Runner Club

As a road runner, Luong revealed his own experience of drinking water at all water stations so as not to dry out his throat, his body retains water and stays alert. Losing too much water and salt will easily lead to fainting and cramps.

“The water stations are 2 km apart. Many people do not feel thirsty, the body feels healthy but in fact still need to drink, just click their lips”.

And Le Trung Duc said that Psychology is also an important factor. “On a sunny street, you must control yourself, not too much, especially at first”. Running feet advise runner to prepare salt, gel, use functional foods to recharge on the road.

Thuy Oliver advised to practice heat to get used to the hot sun, avoid fear of sun, but only practice in the shade. According to Sammi, runners should choose cool, sun-protective clothing, such as blouses with extra gloves, and glasses and a multi-function scarf.

“If it is sunny without glasses, it will be dizzy. In addition, the cold foam that the organizers prepare at the water stations is also very useful. Runner can be placed behind the brim, the back of the neck, during the running water will run down. cooling the body, “she says.

The female runner also noted that the athletes avoid letting water to wet the shoes when pouring cool water, causing discomfort, especially when it is hot.

Prepare before the race day

According to Quant, in pre-race 3 training, 4 weeks is the most stressful time, from exercises to tracking your stats to towards your goals. At this stage, he reduced the lesson plan, reduced the volume of practice … one last week of speeding a little bit, keeping himself up to play hard.

Trinh Quoc Luong - Champion of VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2020

Trinh Quoc Luong – Champion of VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2020

Share painful memories of times DNF in Hue, Mr. Hoang Huy said he was anxious to try specialties before the race day, so it affected the digestive system, leading to unsatisfactory results.

From his own fun experience, he advised the runner before the race day to eat and drink familiar and safe food, only to experience local cuisine after the race.

VnExpress Sparkling Quy Nhon 2021 VNExpress run by the People’s Committee of Binh Dinh province co-organized with VnExpress Electronic Newspaper, NTT to accompany Hung Thinh Group.

2021 is the third season of Quy Nhon VnExpress Marathon. The tournament has become one of the biggest sporting events in Binh Dinh. Every year, thousands of athletes join their families and friends.

In 2021, the tournament has two major changes. First, the name of the tournament will be changed to VnExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon 2021. Along with that, the logo VnExpress Marathon has also been redesigned with the criterion of simplicity and easier recognition. The kit has also been changed. Austria for all 4 distances (5 km, 10 km, 20 km, 42 km) is inspired by Quy Nhon land with typical green colors.

Sign up for the tournament with thousands of other athletes here.

Phong Van

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