Chess player Le Quang Liem won four points in five games on the second day of the New in Chess Classic on the morning of April 26.

Quang Liem performed his best on the second day, with three wins, two draws. The HCM City player entered the top 4 after two days of testing, with six points across 10 games. He was one point below the top of Magnus Carlsen, but only half a point behind Wesley So’s ninth place.

Quang Liem has many chances to enter the quarter-finals of the Champions Chess Tour for the first time.  Photo: FIDE

Quang Liem has many chances to enter the quarter-finals of the Champions Chess Tour for the first time. Image: FIDE

Quang Liem held the white army, defeating prodigy Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa in round six. The 16-year-old Indian player made a mistake in the opening, and Quang Liem used his success to lock the black queen. White wins after 30 moves, with Black losing one code.

After joining Wesley So in the seventh round, Quang Liem beat Shakhriyar Mamedyarov again. Mamedyarov is ranked eighth in the world of standard chess, but is not so appreciated in fast chess. In the car and tail end, Quang Liem caught a good, then changed the rear. He brought the good down to the seventh, then went to the king to help threaten the rank. Mamedyarov claimed to lose after 62 moves.

Quang Liem ran into Sergey Karjakin – who challenged Carlsen’s throne in 2016 – in the ninth round. Karjakin did not do well in this tournament either, as he was not strong in fast chess. But despite the early challenge, the Russian chess player was still able to hold a draw.

Against the penultimate opponent in round 10 of Gawain Jones, Quang Liem held the black mandarin but was expected to win. The number one chess player of Vietnam merged into a distant city to put his energy to attack the white king. Quang Liem experimented and then drove the car to attack successfully. Under great pressure, Jones was scanned and led to failure. The game ended after 32 moves, with Quang Liem’s ​​runner-up.

The last day of the New in Chess Classic circle takes place from 0:00, Tuesday, April 27, Hanoi time. Quang Liem met Leinier Dominguez, Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, Teimour Radjabov, Aryan Tari and Levon Aronian respectively. These five players are standing behind Quang Liem on the scoreboard.

New in Chess Classic took place from April 24 to May 2, with 16 chess players. They played in a round robin round for the first three days, five games a day, to select eight players for the quarterfinals. Each quick game of chess has a time of 15 minutes for each player, adding 10 seconds after each move. New in Chess Classic is part of the Champions Chess Tour system organized by Carlsen’s company. This system has a prize fund of 1.5 million USD, and the prize for New in Chess Classic is 100,000 USD.

Xuan Binh

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