Ninh ThuanThe most An Giang trail in Nha Trang – Phan Rang route is 131 km long at the 2021 Television Cup competition through Vietnam, today April 25.

Nguyen Huynh Dang Khoa celebrates his first victory at the 2021 Television Cup. Photo: Van Thuan.

Dang Khoa congratulates the first victory in the 2021 Television Cup. Photo: Van Thuan

As a race with Vinh Hy pass, the racers continuously attacked and formed a top group with 13 riders, including strong teams Vinama HCMC, Bikelife Dong Nai, Domesco Dong Thap. , Loc heaven An Giang has representatives. Ho Chi Minh City riders actively pulled this group, sometimes creating a distance of nearly 3 minutes from the top with Loic Desriac, in order to seek opportunities to take over both the Yellow Shirt and the first place.

In the following group, Dong Nai riders control the speed to protect Loic Desriac. When entering Vinh Hy pass, driver Phan Tuan Vu (Can Tho) attacked strongly, alone reaching the finish line first.

Then, also on Vinh Hy pass, the Spanish driver Javier Perez (Vinama HCMC) attacked strongly to remove Loic Desriac Yellow Shirt. But due to being attached to the ball, Perez did not successfully execute his intentions.

After the pass, the racers attacked again, forming a top group with about 9 riders heading to the finish line in Phan Rang City.

This group took turns to attack to find a chance to win the leg, in the end Nguyen Huynh Dang Khoa sprinted at the right time, reached the finish line for the first time, enjoying the joy of winning at the 2021 Television Cup for the first time. Vinh Long) came in second and Tran Thanh Dien (Vinama HCMC) came in third.

The time of the leg is 3 hours 22 minutes 34 seconds, the average speed is 38,802 km / h.

After the first group of 30 seconds, the French trailer Loic Desriac still successfully defended the title of the Yellow Shirt after 18 races. Nguyen Tan Hoai also defended the Blue Shirt. Le Hai Dang holds the title of White Shirt for the best young racer. Bikelife Dong Nai continued to hold the first place of teammates, Vinama Ho Chi Minh City ranked second, Dong Thap closed the top three.

The organizers gave prizes to four riders at the beginning of the stage so that they could rest for a day before entering the key race of Phan Rang to Da Lat.  Photo: Van Thuan.

The organizers gave prizes to four riders at the beginning of the stage so that they could rest for a day before entering the key race of Phan Rang to Da Lat. Image: Van Thuan.

Tomorrow 26/4, the riders rest in Ninh Thuan before the round 19 from Phan Rang – Da Lat is 127 kilometers long with two spectacular passes and Prenn will be considered to decide the final titles.

The 2021 Television Cup competition through Vietnam has a total prize fund of nearly 2 billion VND – the largest in history. 15 domestic teams participate, compete on a total route of 2,450 km through 22 stages. The race departs from Cao Bang on April 6, and then finishes at the Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City on April 30.

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Television Cup cannot invite foreign racing teams. But the tournament still has two veterans in Vietnam for a long time, Javier Sarda Perez (HCMC) and Loic Descriac (Dong Nai).

Nguyen Huynh Dang Khoa won 18 of the Television Cup - 2

Dong Huyen

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