The number above is up to the 8th day of the tournament kick-off. “Giving opportunities, connecting dreams” noted that the number of subscribers increased rapidly by spreading meaningful volunteer messages. Among the more than 1,600 runners that have started, many are familiar faces, accompanying the V-Race chain since the beginning of 2020. Besides, there are also new names and groups to the tournament.

One of them is the handsome actor in the movie Sisters – Lanh Thanh. On the end of the year, busy with touring, Thanh still takes time to complete the registered 50 km.

“Thanh decided to spend 10 days jogging not only for his own health but also for the purpose of donating Tet for children in the Central region,” he shared.


Lanh Thanh started running from January 14. Image: FBNV.

Giving opportunities, connecting dreams also attracted 115 participating running groups with the number of from 2 to nearly 100 members. The 40 members of the NEU Runners and Friends – NRF group are leading the way with 1,066 kilometers completed as of January 18.

Within a few days of opening the gate, the runners have established a distance of nearly 25,500 km. As expected, when reaching 50,000 km, the companion company, Vietnam Lottery Company Limited – Vietlott will donate 500,000 million VND. The enterprise, together with the HOPE Fund (Hope), will directly give gifts to people swept away, landslides and relatives in Tra Leng, Tra Van, Nam Tra My District, Quang Nam Province. The basic items expected to be donated for the occasion include: rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, jam cakes, banh chung, warm clothes, blankets, pillows, laundry soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Currently, the prize continues to receive registration here and participants can start running at 0:00 the following day from the time they register. Each person has 10 days to accomplish their goal. The final registration deadline is January 21. The tournament ended on January 31. The organizers will summarize the achievements and award prizes from February 31 to 28.

Virtual run tournament due VnExpress coordinated with Vietnam Lottery One Member Limited Company (Vietlott) to launch. Through each run of the runner, making donations, sending basic necessities and Tet gifts to children in the Central region, sharing some of the difficulties after the last heavy natural disaster and supporting the children. the opportunity to continue writing your dreams.


The “Giving opportunities, connecting dreams” running tournament lasts until January 21.

More than 1,600 people run to bring warm Tet to children in Central Vietnam - 2Registration here.

In the form of participating in the tournament, the runner will run cumulatively according to 4 distances: 10 km, 20 km, 50 km, 100 km with an unlimited number of times. The average speed required is from 3 minutes / km to 12 minutes / km (pace 3:00 to 12:00). This is a speed suitable for even people with weak health, just starting to get used to running.

Strava application connected to VnExpress’s V-Race platform will record the results. When completing the information registration on the V-Race page, players need to connect their accounts with Strava.

After completing the challenge, the runner will receive a certificate and an electronic medal to save a beautiful memory of the practice and effort, contributing to the children of Central Vietnam to have a full Tet holiday.

Thanh Duong

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