AmericaKamaru Usman knocked Jorge Masvidal unconscious in the second half of the main match at UFC 261 on April 24 to successfully defend the middle-class championship belt.

Masvidal smiled provocatively and paid the price for being subjective in front of Usman.

Masvidal smiled provocatively and paid the price for being subjective in front of Usman.

In the second half of the competition at the VyStar Veterans Memorial arena, Florida, when the game was tense, Masvidal smiled to provoke his opponent. The 36-year-old boxer was not even defenseless when he dropped his arms.

Using the opponent’s subjectivity, Usman punched him heavily with his right hand and hit his face, causing Masvidal to collapse to the floor. Not stopping, Usman also charged five more attacks with his right hand, causing the opponent to lie motionless.

Kamaru Usman knocked Jorge Masvidal unconscious

Usman’s blow knocked out Masvidal.

The referee immediately stopped the match, sent Usman to win the knockout, and the Nigerian boxer had a fourth successful defense of the semi-medium championship belt. This is also Usman’s 14th consecutive victory at the UFC, just two games behind the legendary Anderson Silva’s record.

“Jacksonville, Florida. You said you wanted to see a brutal performance. No need to thank me,” Usman shared shortly after the match.

Before the match on April 24, Masvidal criticized Usman as one of the weakest punchers ever encountered. But after being defeated for the first time at UFC, American boxers showed their admiration. Masvidal even went to the ring to hug and congratulate Usman.

Masvidal congratulated him and was comforted by Masvidal after the match

Masvidal congratulated and comforted Usman after the match.

“Usman showed me what he didn’t show in his first match, in July 2020, it was strength. That’s what happens when you’re overconfident. I thought they were. I’m going to grapple in about 25 minutes, and I’m ready for that. Usman surprised me. I can’t say anything but that he won completely deserved. God bless him “, Masvidal said after the match.

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