SingaporeBeing overwhelming, Eddie Alvarez was shown a card and lost for a series of fouls on the back of Iuri Lapicus in the ONE Championship match on the evening of April 7.

Returning after 20 months of sitting out, American boxer Alvarez still maintained his sense of competition, hit well and overwhelmed the competition in Singapore.

At the 45th second of the first half, Alvarez fell and pulled Lapicus to the floor. In a favorable position, the American boxer repeatedly launched the hook on Lapicus’s left ear. Falling into a difficult situation, the young Moldovan boxer tried to turn his face away to dodge, causing Alvarez’s punches to hit the back of the opponent’s neck.

MMA boxers violate rules when hitting the back of the opponent

As a rule, boxers are not allowed to hit the back of their colleague. So the referee Justin Brown stopped the game on the grounds that Alvarez had violated the law. The puncher nicknamed “Underground King” exclaimed and asserted that he pointed the blow aimed at the opponent’s ear. However, with Lapicus not being able to continue playing, Mr. Brown withdrew a red card, defeating Alvarez because he thought he had violated the law.

After the match, Alvarez said he respected the referee’s decision and apologized to Lapicus. “Iuri turned his head in the other direction, and the referee warned me. He said ‘Stop hitting the back of the neck, Eddie’. You can see I directed the next punch on his head. again in the slow-motion video. is a valid blow, “Alvarez explained.

“Anyway, the referee has made a decision and I accept that. I also want to apologize, and hope Iuri will be fine, because the sport is inherently dangerous. All I care about is that. The boxers here are safe and can return home after the game is over. Now, I will pray for Iuri, “said the American boxer.

Meanwhile, Lapicus was taken to a local hospital to be examined and to determine the exact extent of the injury. “We have just received the notice, Iuri is in stable condition. No scan results yet, but he is stable. The indicators are very good,” said Chatri Sityodtong – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ONE Championship said on April 8.

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