AmericaReceived a strong kick in danger, but Marvin Vettori still overwhelmed Kevin Holland and broke the mid-range record at UFC Vegas 23 on April 10.

At 25th in the competition in Las Vegas, Holland launched a very strong kick at low level and hit the danger of Vettori. The hit phase made the Italian boxer hurt, had to put his hand on the edge of the cage and took a long time to return.

When he was able to continue playing, Vettori repeatedly exploited Holland’s weak point of resistance. Although unable to knock out the American opponent, Vettori still got an overwhelming victory after five rounds with scores from three assessors of 50-44, 50-44 and 50-44.

Not only that, with 11 drops of Kevin Holland, Vettori also set a new record in the UFC’s mid-range matches. In all five matches, Vettori defeated his opponent and held Holland on the ground for quite a long time.

One of 11 times Vettori slammed Holland - a record in mid-tier UFC matches.  Photo: MMA Fighting

One of 11 times that Vettori (top) fell Holland – a record in mid-tier UFC matches. Image: MMA Fighting

In addition, in the second half, Vettori had a situation where his elbow hit Holland’s left eye, causing the 28-year-old boxer’s eye to become swollen. During the break after that, the doctors had to check Holland’s eyes, and decided he could continue the game.

Win the fifth game in a row, but Vettori is still disappointed. “I wanted to knock out Holland but couldn’t, even after winning a lot. I’m not too happy right now, but I still win, keep improving and I do it overwhelmingly. “, said the Italian boxer.

Vettori also asked for a rematch, defending champion, New Zealand boxer – Israel Adesanya. In the 2018 confrontation, Adesanya won with a disagreeing score. “I want to play with Adesanya next, in October. I think I deserve the title. I have the longest winning streak, and win overwhelming. I want this title,” Vettori confidently said. .

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