Northern Ireland Golfer Rory McIlroy pessimistic about the possibility of Tiger Woods coming back in golf after the accident on 23/2.

“You said ‘tribute to Tiger?’. He had a serious accident. I watched some news and saw them say he was dead. But Tiger is not dead yet. We are very lucky that he is alive. We should praise the invaluable merits he brings to the PGA Tour and golf, ”replied McIlroy when a reporter suggested the idea of ​​remembering Woods.

McIlroy got along very well with Tiger Woods through meetings on the PGA Tour.  Photo: AP

McIlroy got along very well with Tiger Woods through meetings on the PGA Tour. Image: AP

In 2017, McIlroy had the opportunity to have lunch with Woods, right after the fourth US golfer of his vertebrae surgery. Through that time, the Northern Ireland golfer said only those close to it could understand Woods’ suffering in his recovery.

After the serious accident that caused Woods to suffer multiple injuries on February 23, there was some opinion that the former world’s number one golfer could still return, like an impressive comeback when he won the major Masters 2019. McIlroy doesn’t believe it

World sports rated Woods winning the major Masters 2019 as a great comeback. McIlroy thinks so too. But this time, I think that miracle is unlikely to happen. McIlroy just wanted Woods to return to his daily life.

“I don’t deny the proof from Ben Hogan in the past, but now it’s very remote for Tiger to be on top golf again. He’s not superman,” McIlroy said. Hogan was born in 1912, seriously injured in a car crash in 1949, and won six majors in a rematch. He died in 1997.

But Bryson DeChambeau believes the opposite. “Through my own understanding, I am sure Tiger will recover and do his best to come back. He’s a miraculous man who can do extraordinary things. Ben Hogan used to be. Give Tiger more time. “said the 2020 major US Open major.

Dustin Johnson was training at the Concession field when he heard that Woods was in trouble. The number one in the world doesn’t talk about Woods’ upcoming life or career. But Johnson emphasized: “Even if Woods was no longer able to handle a club, his influence continued to deepen. Tiger is a big part of the PGA Tour’s reputation today. If Tiger were no longer playing, surely. golf will miss you. As for me, I still felt Tiger near. “

World number two golfer Jon Rahm wishes for something simple from Woods. He said: “I hope Tiger is well. I don’t have to meet him on the field. Although I really like it, I just hope Tiger returns to his daily life soon. He has been devoted to golf. And now, every day we play, we remember Tiger Woods. “

Woods had an emergency operation and escaped death in a self-crash near Los Angeles on February 23. Doctors have braced shin bones and fixed ankles and feet with screws. An American medical doctor said that Woods’ chances of re-golfing are low because his legs are difficult to heal because of age problems – age 45 and health effects from 10 surgeries in a 24-year career. .

Yesterday, The Sun Updates Woods’ health, including details that he does not want his current injury to end his career, will take his past achievements as his beliefs and decide to return to golf when he is still able.

The news of Woods having an accident caused the WGC-Workday Championship from February 25 to 28 to be quiet. Every player expected Woods to get well. Golf Channel commented that the atmosphere of the press conference before the tournament on February 24 was somewhat like a funeral. Golfer Justin Thomas, close to the Woods family, shed tears of concern for the owner of the 15 majors and the record-breaking PGA Tour champion.

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